Windows solutions for Airlines

Digitize the electronic flight bag

Windows devices replace heavy paper flight bags, which enable pilots to plan, file, and fly quickly and accurately. Devices help pilot efficiency and collaboration with grounds crew and the control tower by enabling access to the most up-to-date information.

Deliver Exceptional on-board service

Mobile point-of-sale terminals empower flight crew to quickly process passenger catering and duty free orders while accessing a passenger’s loyalty information.

Personalize passenger in-flight entertainment

Windows devices enable passengers to self-select their in-flight meals, entertainment options, purchase upgrades, and join the loyalty program. Tablets help maximize airline revenues by boosting in-flight sales.

Improve crew productivity & collaboration

Collaboration among crew is maximized with devices that enable information sharing from anywhere. Flight attendants manage catering inventory and review passenger details, while pursers review staff profiles and assign duties based on skill.

Integrate ground operations

On-time departures are maximized when grounds crew and maintenance staff use Windows mobile devices. With quick access to digital repair manuals, maintenance staff can make faster repairs while grounds crew can monitor their progress in real-time and then communicate timing to the cockpit.

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