Windows 10 delivers better learning outcomes

Windows is the best place to learn and the best platform for teaching.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update delivers new innovations for your classroom including tools for faster & easier set up for shared devices, the new Take a Test1 app for secured assessments, workspaces for digital ink including a digital ruler, digital sticky notes, and more.

Learn more about the Windows 10 Anniversary Update here.

Windows solutions for Education

Better Learning Outcomes

Fast, familiar and productive to power any subject or lesson. Bring out the best in students by providing a platform for collaborating, exploring, personalized learning, and getting things done across all devices. Teach to all learning styles with support for voice, pen, talk, and gesture.

Affordable devices & solutions

Windows 10 devices come in a range of form factors and prices. A new range of affordable devices provides strong performance for students and teachers. Along with budget friendly devices, Microsoft offers many of its products free for education, such as Office 365 Education2, OneNote, Skype in the classroom, and OneDrive to enable a complete solution.

Safety & Security

The most secure, robust and flexible Windows ever for your students. With multiple layers of integrated security this is the most secure Windows yet.

Simplified deployment & management

Reduced cost and complexity for 1 classroom or 100. Windows 10 provides educational institutions with simplified ways to deploy and manage your devices. With in-place upgrades and new tools like the Set up School PCs app, schools can easily set up different device scenarios, including shared devices, in a matter of minutes.

Big learning
without the Big price