Windows solutions for Financial Services

Transform branch customer experience

Windows devices free branch staff from behind fixed work stations to meet the customer wherever they are. Greeters and tellers perform “line-busting” - processing customer transactions while in line – to keep the branch flowing smoothly. Interactive, digital displays empower customers to self-serve and discover offers relevant to them.

Enable engaging advisory services

Windows devices help financial advisors connect with customers and provide client services on-the-go. Advisors create an engaging experience when they share their screen to review the client’s financial information in real–time and deliver personalized recommendations.

Personalize insurance sales

Insurance agents deliver a more personal, interactive client experience when they use a Windows device to explain complex products. With secure access to customer data, agents can deliver tailored solutions specific to each client.

Streamline insurance claims management

With one device, adjustors become more productive as they capture data, take photographs, and submit claims in real time. Adjustors are more efficient when data is stored offline and then automatically syncs when back online.

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