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The Windows 10 roadmap provides a snapshot of what we’ve recently made generally available, released into public preview, are still developing and testing, or are no longer developing.

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Cortana is your truly personal digital assistant who works across all your Windows 10 devices to help you get things done.* By learning more about you over time, Cortana becomes more useful every day. Cortana helps you be more productive by handling key tasks like sending emails, scheduling events, and using the power of Bing to quickly search your devices, the cloud, or the web. Cortana is also the best digital assistant at reminders, letting you set them in more ways including by pen, and [coming in July 2016] pulling reminder-relevant info from emails so you have the details at hand. And you can instantly capture your ideas by voice just by telling Cortana to take a note.**

*Cortana available in select markets. Experience may vary by region and device. Cortana app required for Android and iOS devices (requires Android version 4.1.2 or higher, or iPhone 4 with iOS 8.0 or higher).

**Hardware dependent.


Tablet Mode

Windows optimizes your experience for what you’re doing and the device you’re using. Onscreen features, like menus and taskbars, adapt for easy navigation. Apps are built to scale smoothly from screen to screen so they look good from the smallest app window up to the largest 8k displays.* You can even change from tablet to desktop mode anytime you want—your screen will give you a smooth transition and a beautiful display. Tablet Mode is designed to ensure that the best screen is always the one you’re on.

*Hardware-dependent. App experiences and availability may vary.


Continuum for Phone

Use your Windows 10 phone in amazing and astounding ways, including like a PC.* With a Continuum-compatible wired or wireless accessory, you can connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse** or you can let your phone screen function as your virtual trackpad and keyboard. Change it to an entertainment, shopping, or browsing center: wirelessly project the web—along with movies, photos, or other supported content on your phone—to any monitor or television. What you see scales smoothly and displays beautifully on the bigger screen.**

*Limited to select premium phones at launch.

**External monitor must support HDMI input. Accessories may be sold separately.


Voice, pen, touch and gesture

Voice, pen, touch, gesture—Windows gives you more interaction options to choose from so you can use what feels right and works best.* In addition to traditional keyboard and mouse inputs, you can choose from among voice, pen, and touch options. Upcoming innovations, like HoloLens holographics, will even let you use gestures to interact with amazing 3D content.

This is a principle of more personal computing: you can use your device in the way that’s most natural for you and the best fit for what you’re doing. You can even switch from one interaction type to another for maximum comfort and productivity.

*Hardware-dependent. Pen accessory may be sold separately.


Windows Store for Business

Windows Store for Business gives IT decision makers, purchasers, and administrators a flexible way to find, acquire, manage, and distribute apps to Windows 10 devices*. Manage Windows Store apps and private line-of-business apps in one inventory, and assign and reuse licenses as needed. Choose the best distribution method for your organization: directly assign apps to individuals and teams, publish apps to private pages in Windows Store, or connect with management solutions for more options.

*Available in select markets. Payment methods will be added over time.


Universal Windows app platform

With the Universal Windows Platform, Windows 10 makes it easier than ever to create and launch apps. You’ll save time and money since you can write to one universal API that works on every device while tailoring the user experience to the device based on screen size, input, and accessories. That means you can take advantage of unique Windows features like Cortana*, live tiles, interactive notifications, holograms, and more—ensuring that you get even more out of your app experience.

Universal Windows Platform Bridges make it easier for you to bring your existing code to Windows and the Windows Store by allowing you work with your existing tools—even Android and Apple—to produce apps for Windows. And it’s not just easier to develop your app; debugging and distributing apps is also more streamlined. Plus, you’ll get the most out of your investment with even more insights into your app’s performance and usage.

The Universal Windows Platform is a flexible, simple way to create apps that drive your business forward.

*Cortana available in select markets; experience may vary by region and device.


Windows Trusted Boot

Windows Trusted Boot used in combination with UEFI Secure Boot—a hardware standard developed by members of the PC industry—helps make sure that your PC starts securely and that only trusted software can run during startup. When the PC starts, the UEFI firmware checks the signature of each piece of boot software and the operating system, avoiding headaches caused by malware that can load before the operating system boot process has begun. Windows Trusted Boot then helps ensure that all Windows boot components, drivers, and compatible anti-malware solutions start with integrity.


Credential Guard

Windows Hello strengthens and protects user credentials, and Credential Guard takes the next step by protecting the user access tokens that are generated once your users have been authenticated. With these tokens, an attacker could access your resources by effectively impersonating a user’s identity. Credential Guard stores user access tokens within a virtualization-based security environment running on Hyper-V, away from the Windows 10 kernel. So even if a device is compromised, the credentials are not available to the attacker. This helps safeguard you from Pass-the-Hash and other advanced persistent attacks. Isolating security credentials from malware also helps prevent one infected machine from damaging others running in the same datacenter.

Credential Guard can be enabled using Group Policy, making it easy to administer using your existing management tools.


Device Guard

Device Guard on Windows 10 puts you in control of your environment—and a step ahead of malware—with rigorous access controls that help protect the Windows system core and prevent untrusted apps and executables from starting. With it, you can lock down devices, granting access only to apps from trusted sources. Device Guard uses hardware-based isolation and virtualization to protect itself and the Windows system core from vulnerability and zero-day exploits. Its Hyper-V Code Integrity Service feature enforces best practices for running drivers and other software at the highest level of privilege.


Conditional Access

In today’s BYOD environment, enterprises can’t assume that devices accessing their networks are malware-free. Windows 10 helps ensure that unhealthy devices can be identified and gated from business resources using a combination of the Windows Device Health Attestation cloud service and mobile device management systems such as Microsoft Intune.* Windows 10 uses the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) hardware built into newer PCs to monitor startup processes services and determine whether data is trustworthy. With Conditional Access, IT departments can detect and prevent low-level malware, and noncompliant devices can be denied access to specific applications like email and Microsoft SharePoint sites or to the entire corporate network.

*Microsoft Intune sold separately.


Dynamic Provisioning

Provisioning Windows 10 devices is so simple, your users can do it themselves with no IT involvement. They just unbox the device, turn it on, provide their work or school ID, and they’re done. Manual provisioning is also an option using new Windows 10 provisioning tools. Windows 10 also supports “bring your own device” (personally owned) and “choose your own device” (corporate-owned) scenarios. By using Microsoft Intune* and third-party MDM services,** you can give employees access to corporate applications, data, and resources from virtually anywhere on almost any device, while helping to keep corporate information secure.

*Microsoft Intune sold separately.

**MDM services sold separately.


Mobile Device Management

Lightweight mobile device management (MDM) capabilities are built into all Windows 10 devices, based on industry-standard OMA-DM protocols. Windows 10 MDM offers an alternative to traditional PC management processes—you can choose how to manage devices based on how they are used. Manage some devices traditionally with Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services, Group Policy, and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. Select cloud-based management like Microsoft Azure Active Directory* and Microsoft Intune* for others. No matter how you decide to manage your devices, Windows 10 MDM supports consistent implementation across phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, and it ensures that independent software vendors can easily implement support for new features.

*Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Intune sold separately.


Azure Active Directory Join

Microsoft Azure Active Directory* (Azure AD) Join gives you a new way to apply all the flexibility and cost-saving benefits of BYOD to the devices your organization owns. End users don’t need consumer accounts for their company-issued devices. They can use existing work or school accounts either mastered in Azure AD or synced/federated to an on-premises directory.

Azure AD Join works on PCs, tablets, phones, and new form factors that lack traditional domain-joined capabilities. And users enjoy single sign-on (SSO) from the Windows desktop to apps and resources like Microsoft Office 365* and thousands of business applications that rely on Azure AD for authentication. Users can also take advantage of SSO for on-premises apps that are exposed via Azure AD Application Proxy.

*Microsoft Azure Activity Directory and Office 365 subscription sold separately.


Current Branch for Business

With Windows 10, Microsoft introduces Windows as a service. By using the Current Branch for Business (CBB) update schedule, you get new Windows features and functionality, in addition to security updates and critical fixes, on a regular basis. This makes your Windows 10 environment better, more productive, and more secure over time. By putting devices on the CBB, you can get regular security updates and receive feature updates once their quality and application compatibility have been assessed in the consumer market. This gives your IT department time to start validating updates in your environment the day changes are shipped broadly to consumers.


Long-Term Servicing Branch

Environments like hospital emergency rooms, air traffic control towers, and financial trading systems require strict IT change management. By deploying Windows 10 using a Long-Term Servicing Branch, you can apply regular security updates while withholding new-feature updates until after you have performed thorough application compatibility testing. You have the flexibility to deliver security updates using Windows Server Update Services, which gives you full control over all updates using existing management tools, such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.


Windows Update for Business

Windows Update for Business will help reduce management costs, provide controls over update deployment, and offer quicker access to security updates and ongoing access to the latest innovations from Microsoft. Windows Update for Business is a part of Windows Pro and Windows Enterprise.

IT can ensure delivery of updates with limited bandwidth very efficiently through peer-to-peer delivery.


Remote Access

Students don’t just learn in the classroom and teachers don’t just prep at school, which is why it’s important to have a platform that lets them continue their work anytime and anywhere. Windows 10 has expanded remote access features that empower students and teachers to work on-the-go in addition to enabling them to work on applications and files offline. Always-on connectivity allows devices to be continually connected to the school’s network*. VPN connectivity begins when the user logs on, providing a seamless connection experience. Additionally, administrators have the ability to restrict remote access to specific applications or resources.

*Internet access or mobile connectivity required. Fees may apply.



BitLocker, a leading disk encryption solution, helps protects data when a device is lost or stolen. BitLocker has been significantly enhanced for Windows 10, offering market-leading security and performance features, as well as robust features that make it easier to deploy, administer, and monitor. With Windows 10, the need for a PIN has been eliminated on most device types; the single sign-on experience maintains BitLocker’s strong performance, reliability, and deployment benefits while still meeting security expectations.


Ask Cortana for images

Microsoft Edge, with its Ask Cortana feature, now supports right-clicking on images to get instant results without leaving the page. With Ask Cortana support on images, you can now use the power of Bing image search for any image on the web. Just right-click on an image in Microsoft Edge, select the option to “Ask Cortana” (or “Bing Lookup” if Cortana is not enabled), and you’ll see everything we know about that image. You’ll get image dimensions, other sizes of that image, places to buy that product, recipes for food items, related images, related searches, and more.

Support for Cortana is only available in select markets.


Customizable UI for IoT

Windows 10 IoT Core is optimized for delivering ideal experiences on small devices with or without displays. It is easily customized and configured. Devices with a user interface allow the use of a custom-branded, device-specific experience. Applications have hardware access to expose device-specific functionality.


Embedded Mode support

This mode designates a particular device as “a special-purpose device that is closely managed by a knowledgeable admin that can grant applications abilities not safe for store apps.” Examples of capabilities that are enabled in this mode are: shutting down or restarting the device, using low-level busses like GPIO and I2C, and changing the time zone.


Background Applications for IoT

These deployable services run as a background process and do not drive a traditional display. They can still drive nontraditional displays such as SPI, LCDs, or even web servers.


Windows Hello

Windows Hello is a next generation credential technology that can be used as a replacement for passwords. Unlike a password which represents single factor of authentication (e.g.: something you know) Windows Hello consists of two or more factors (something you know (PIN), have (device), or are (biometric identity)) plus a credential that is resistant to theft and phishing. Windows Hello is based on an industry standard from the FIDO Alliance making it a solution that will be interoperable on business networks, web, and cross platform.


Snap Assist

Windows 10 has expanded the capability of having two apps snapped side by side to support snapping two, three or four apps in a quadrant with Snap Assist. This way, you can work across documents, for example, or check out multiple web sites, all without ever having to switch screens. Better yet, you can snap apps across screens on different monitors.



With Maps on Windows 10, you’re all set to expertly navigate your world. Get offline turn-by-turn directions on your phone without worrying about a data connection. You can sync your favorite locations across your Windows 10 devices, knowing your app will have a consistent look and feel across your PC, tablet, and phone. Aerial and street-side views show up in stunning detail, while ‘Where’s my car’ and ‘Take me home’ features help you reach your destination sooner.


Put your best photos forward with Windows 10. The enhanced Photos app gives you better ways to navigate your photo folders, from your hard drive to your OneDrive – so it’s easy to find the photos you’re looking for, wherever you are. The app proactively suggests albums of your best shots, so they can be easily accessed and shared to tell a great story.** On the PC count on auto-enhance to do expert touch-ups on the photos you take and keep on your Windows 10 device. Rest easy knowing that every file is available and organized your way in OneDrive storage. You also have the ability to save animated gifs and living images for easier sharing in emails and posts, even to friends on iPhones and Android phones.

**On Windows 10 Mobile, the photo album experience is viewable if created on a Windows 10 PC. Full functionality on Windows 10 Mobile, with instant photo album and auto-enhance, coming in a future Windows 10 update.


Windows Hello support for AAD/AD Hybrid Environments

Windows Hello is now enhanced so it can be used in enterprise environments that are using AAD/AD Hybrid configuration.


Microsoft Edge- Extensions

Microsoft Edge extensions will allow you to add or modify browser functionality.


Pinning tabs

In Microsoft Edge, pin the tab(s) of your favorite site to the browser for quick and easy access. The next time you launch Microsoft Edge, your pinned site tabs will be open instantly as part of the browser window.


Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection is a new service that will help enterprises detect, investigate, and respond to advanced attacks on their networks.


Microsoft Edge -Web Notifications

With Microsoft Edge, you can choose to get notifications from your favorite websites, even when you are not browsing. For example, get notifications for when friends post on your Facebook page.


Windows Hello Companion Devices

Windows Hello lets customers use approved companion devices such as wristbands, smart watches, phones etc. to quickly sign-in to their Windows 10 PC and authenticate to their business resources without using a password.

The companion device can be enrolled, paired and used as the second factor of authentication for the PC’s and devices pre-registered with the Windows Hello PIN. This is a great use case for PC’s that don’t have integrated biometric sensors or for industry scenarios (such as education environments, factory floor, retail point of sale, etc.).

The companion device could also be enrolled with Windows Hello on its own, which enables users’ credentials to use it as a secured second or third factor of authentication to access resources from any Windows 10 device. This is a great use case for commercial customers needing remote access to business environment from anywhere and any device.

By certifying your identity, these devices give users another choice for quick, enterprise-grade secure sign-ins instead of passwords.


PC to PC casting

Cast your Windows experience from one PC to another PC.


Windows Ink

Get entirely new ways to capture notes and develop thoughts—quickly and easily—with your digital pen or fingertip.


Remote Display Experience

Remote display experience puts a display on every “display less” device, so users can seamlessly control Windows 10 IoT Core applications from any Windows 10 desktop PC, tablet, or phone*. In addition, the technology allows Windows 10 IoT Core devices to use remote sensor readings from any connected Windows 10 device.

*Feature name subject to change


Microsoft Edge - Favorites Bar

With your Microsoft Edge Favorites Bar enabled via the Settings menu, you can right-click on the Favorites bar to have it show only the Favorites icons, for a more efficient use of space. Another right-click lets you add new folders for organization.


Microsoft Edge - Tab History

With an easy right-click of your back button, you can now see the full history of that tab. It's great for remembering where you were.


Microsoft Edge - Paste and go/search

You can now copy any link into your clipboard, and right-click on the Address bar in Microsoft Edge and choose “Paste and go” from the context menu. Microsoft Edge pastes the URL into the Address bar and navigates to the site. You can also copy words to your clipboard, and choose “Paste and search.”


Microsoft Edge - Swipe to navigate

Microsoft Edge now supports the swipe gesture to navigate backward and forward. You can swipe from anywhere on the page to trigger a navigation.


Microsoft Edge - Word Flow

You now have the ability to use shape writing in the address bar in Microsoft Edge.


Start menu updates

Start menu updates give more control to users, make it easier to access all apps, and provides additional optimization for touch input (i.e., tablet mode).


Projecting on PCs

Instead of only projecting a Continuum for phone experience on unconnected monitors, a Continuum-compatible phone can connect to monitors/screens that are connected to Windows 10 PCs. Connection above the lock screen, as well as behind the lock screen, are supported.


Laptop-like accessory support

Get support for a new accessory form factor that looks like a lightweight and low-cost laptop, but without any CPU or OS. When paired with a Continuum-compatible phone, it will allow you to use your phone like a laptop.


Windows Information Protection

Windows Information Protection helps prevents accidental data leaks by enabling IT to set policies on how corporate data can be accessed and used on a device - Windows controls which users and apps have access to protected data based on the policies that IT defines. IT also has the ability to selectively wipe business data from devices while leaving personal data behind.

The information on this page is for informational purposes only, is subject to change at any time without notice, and may not be applicable to customers in all geographies.

The information on this page is for informational purposes only, is subject to change at any time without notice, and may not be applicable to customers in all geographies.

Features in public preview may not have full functionality until released.

Enhancements to Azure AD Join

Enhancements to Azure AD Join improve its functionality in enterprise environments.


Touch screen support

Touch input will be supported when connecting a Continuum-compatible phone to a touch monitor.


Picture in Picture

Monitor media content while focusing on other tasks.


The information on this page is for informational purposes only, is subject to change at any time without notice, and may not be applicable to customers in all geographies.

Microsoft Edge

With Microsoft Edge, you can go beyond browsing to quickly get things done online. You can write or type directly on webpages and share markups with others. If you value a premium reading experience, there’s a feature that allows you to clear away distractions from your online articles and a reading list that organizes your favorite reads to enjoy later. All in all, Microsoft Edge sweeps away the obstacles between you and your online activities—for a web experience that’s personal, responsive, and all about getting things done.


Start Menu and Live Tiles

With Windows 10, you get the same familiar experience as Windows 7, including a taskbar and apps that work like you expect. You also get enhanced features like the Start menu, which can be customized with live tiles for even faster access to your apps and files. And, it’s easier than ever to multitask with new ways to snap apps, create multiple desktops, and see tasks in one view. It’s the best combination of familiarity and flexibility.


In Place Upgrade

Fast and easy to deploy, the Windows 10 upgrade takes between 30 minutes and two hours, depending on the device and network. A reliable and simple upgrade process, Windows 10 seamlessly connects with your previous operating system and requires no IT intervention. With no extra investments, complex engineering requirements, or new deployment tools necessary, Windows 10 delivers one of the shortest and least-expensive operating system upgrades on the market.


The information on this page is for informational purposes only, is subject to change at any time without notice, and may not be applicable to customers in all geographies.