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  • Are India's businesses ready for digital disruption?

    See the key findings from the Microsoft Asia Digital Transformation Study to understand how business leaders are embracing the digital era.
  • digital transformation with Microsoft India

    Digital transformation with Microsoft

    Digital technology delivers growth. See how Microsoft customers have digitally transformed and achieved more success.
  • insights on business transformation

    10 insights on business transformation

    Companies are discovering digital solutions for traditional problems. Here are insights from experts who are leading the change.
  • digital transformation challenge

    Be the force for digital transformation

    Digital business is tricky and risky. CIOs must help business leaders engage and manage the complexities of digital revolution.
  • IT leaders in digital transformation

    IT leaders in APAC drive digital transformation

    Businesses need to go digital to survive. See how IT leaders are successfully transitioning to a mobile-first, cloud-first world.
  • brand leadership in digital age

    Brand leadership in the digital age

    How to activate your brand, keys to success and the pitfalls to avoid for brand leaders in the digital age.
  • digital transformation report

    Is today’s technology really transforming business?

    A Harvard Business Review report demonstrates how leading organizations are getting creative with cloud, mobile, social and big data.
  • Microsoft digital services

    Unlock opportunities with Microsoft Services

    The promise of Microsoft is to design innovative solutions to achieve your goals and help you realize value quickly.
  • Are businesses in Asia ready for a data driven culture?

    Data is the currency of a digital economy. Business leaders in Asia share their views on data culture emerging in orgs today.
  • digital transformation infographics

    Engaging customers and employees in the digital age

    Successful digital transformation results in better employee engagement and customer experiences. Find out how.
  • Microsoft cloud for digital government

    Open cloud for a digital government

    Learn how the Microsoft Cloud for Government supports the government’s mission on healthcare, public safety and defense.
  • Microsoft digital transformation services

    How to lead in the digital age

    Digital transformation requires customer-centricity, business acumen, a culture of innovation, and value creation.
  • digital solutions for development

    Digital solutions drive sustainable development

    This Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) report shows how digital solutions can improve the quality of life for citizens worldwide.
  • enterprise transformation roadmap

    Digital transformation: Seven steps to success

    Change is happening fast. Here’s what today’s business leaders need to consider as they plan their digital transformation.
  • digital transformation in goverenment

    Building a data dividend government

    See how forward-thinking Governmental orgs are uniquely managing data to produce a data dividend.

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See how we have empowered digital transformation for customers across industries. Gain insights and know-how from true stories that will help you re-imagine your digital future.


Fortis group differentiates itself in the healthcare industry using Microsoft cloud, creating value for their organization and offering a better experience for their patients.

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Sri Chaitanya Schools personalize their learning using Microsoft cloud, while maintaining superior quality education across 300 schools.

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iNube and Reliance General Insurance bring health insurance to millions of under-privileged people across the country through Microsoft cloud, empowering them with health benefits.

Know more

ZingHR automates and integrates its Human Resource Management (HRM) processes on Microsoft cloud for greater mobility and flexibility, higher security, significant savings, and better decision making.

Know more

Virtusa transforms the way its millennial workforce connected, learned, and shared by using Microsoft SharePoint based platform, empowering them to accelerate innovation, increase collaboration and drive productivity.

Know more

Bajaj Finance moves to the secure and reliable Microsoft Office 365 platform, integrating their entire business to simplify administration and rationalize costs. And enabling employees to collaborate, stay up-to-date, and become more productive.

Know more

Annik uses Microsoft CRM Online to track activities centrally, have a holistic view of the sales pipeline, and take timely decisions based on actual data.

Know more

Amway partners with Microsoft for mobility, social and analytics solutions that enable an integrated omni-channel experience for customers to not only choose a particular product, but also experience it.

Know more

Wipro transforms their business with Microsoft Office 365, empowering employees with modern communications tools and ready access to information, resulting in greater productivity and hybrid cloud solutions for customers.

Know more

NIIT chooses Microsoft Azure for its flagship insurance product, delivering flexibility to manage different product lifecycles, speed of launching new products, and easy integration – all resulting in a seamless and painless experience for their customers.

Know more

SBI Life empowers their sales force with a mobile-based tool that runs on Microsoft Azure, resulting in real time visibility of all activities, collaboration across teams to achieve sustainable sales goals, and greater security for data.

Know more

PALS Global develops Virtual Agri Services in partnership with Microsoft to empower illiterate farmers across India with power of speech and visuals, using open source technologies that run on Azure.

Know more

Greenply automate their global salesforce and to be more productive with the help of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, enabling the team to tap into the market potential and deliver higher customer satisfaction.

Know more

Max Healthcare uses Microsoft’s CRM Online technology on Azure to move towards proactive patient engagement, giving patients a better experience through patient recognition on call.

Know more

ING Bank implements Microsoft Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V private cloud to consolidate its data, resulting in an increased business agility and reduced licensing costs.

Know more

Kuka Systems redefine productivity for a Jeep Wrangler factory by leveraging IoYT to build an intelligent system anchored by Microsoft technologies that run on Azure.

Know more

Rolls-Royce integrates Microsoft Azure IoT Suite and Cortana Intelligence Suite to expand its digital capabilities and reduce costs and maximize efficiency for flights.

Know more

IOT innovators iYogi build their software infrastructure on Microsoft Azure to offer commercially viable IOT products, and empower people to change the way they live and work.

Know more

The manufacturing sector uses Intech’s manufacturing solutions to realize the Make in India dream through Microsoft Dynamics ERP, empowering the manufacturing sector to overcome operational challenges, improve inventory and salesforce management.

Know more

SailFin adopts Microsoft Office 365 Online to empower employees to be more productive, motivate new recruits, slash attrition rates by 70% and drive revenue by 45%.

Know more

CSS Corp uses Microsoft Office 365 to improve collaboration among employees across the globe, and Yammer to increase productivity by creating a fun and exciting office environment.

Know more

Essar improves their employee productivity by 10% through collaboration on Microsoft SharePoint across global offices in Asia, Africa, Australia and UK.

Know more

Nedbank develops an integrated channel strategy with Microsoft Enterprise services to build a strategic roadmap and improve ways that they can interact, communicate, and transact more efficiently with their customers.

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Lupin uses Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online to achieve improved employee communication across four continents, increased level of security, reliability and scalability, and reduced costs.

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Mindtree uses Microsoft Office 365 as the foundation to allow their employees to meet business demands like a modern global workforce: with better mobility, greater collaboration, and secure interactions.

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The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) builds a reliable and secure platform using Microsoft Office 365, enabling employees to actively collaborate, be more productive and save costs significantly.

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Volvo Cars uses Microsoft SharePoint Add-ins and guidance from the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices initiative to increase the functionality of its business applications, improving efficiency and agility of its intranet.

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ThyssenKrupp Elevator creates an intelligent, cloud-based solution that runs on Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Services, and Power BI for Office 365 to increase elevator reliability and uptime.

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Guide Dogs and Microsoft in collaboration with Cities Unlocked develop a sound-based technology that allow people who are vision impaired to experience cities like never before.

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Lotus F1 Team adopts the Microsoft Office 365 suite of productivity tools to improve its communications and collaboration capabilities, allowing employees and IT staff to trim seconds off every lap around the track.

Know more

NASCAR builds a race management app that runs on Windows 10, helping officials monitor every aspect of a race from a single interface, promote safety innovation, engage content-hungry fans, and do business at 200 mph.

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Luminous leverages Azure IoT Services and iBot to establish an integrated connected product, services and R&D scenarios to proactively tackle operational issues in real time and empower end-customers to maximize their ROI.

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Aditya Birla leverages Covacsis’ Intelligent Plant Framework (IPF) and a predictive model deployed on the Azure platform to predict coating agent levels 24-48 hours ahead, allowing for timely corrective action and increased OEE of the plant.

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UST Global embarked on a digital transformation journey with their global intranet Kubera, built using Sharepoint Online and exploiting the full capabilities of O365 and other complimentary solutions, and served as the single point window to improve employee engagement and collaboration.

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