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for Microsoft AI Innovate?

Innovation spearheaded by AI is industry-agnostic and can help any startup scale to new heights.

Redefining the possibilities with AI

An icon which represents Put AI into Action

Put AI into action

Make your team work in a fashion that’s both productive and future friendly. Adopt solutions customized for your industry.

An icon which represents Give the Power of AI to everyone

Give the Power of AI to everyone

AI is accessible to one and all. Use, build, innovate with AI in meaningful ways.

An icon which represents Build Responsible AI

Build Responsible AI

With guidance from experts and open-source tools, you can use AI responsibly.

An icon which represents go to market with microsoft

GTM with Microsoft

Reach out to new customers and form new partnerships.

Path to innovation

The 10 week journey every start up will uptake encapsulated in four broad points.
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Single cohort:

Core AI

Build a technology-led business

The intensive 10 week program will cover a host of topics, ranging from business to technology.

A man and two women sitting and discussing work.

BDM focused sessions

  • Case study based Industry Deep-Dive
  • Business Impact of AI
  • Mentorship with Unicorn founders
  • Partnership with Microsoft
  • Mentorship with unicorn/ startup founders and Microsoft leaders
  • AI MasterClass
  • Hear from the Academia
  • Investors' Pitch
A woman explaining a working model to others using virtual reality.

Technical focused sessions

  • Round Table with Product Engineering Team
  • Innovate with MSR
  • MTC Workshop – Cutting-edge AI solutions
  • POC sessions with partner
  • Mentorship and guidance from Microsoft Architects
  • Building Data and AI scalable solutions
  • Technical Upskilling/ Certification

Speakers and Mentors

A woman looking into her laptop and working.

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*Application Deadline: 30 June 2022

Here is how
Microsoft AI will benefit you

A woman looking into her laptop and working.

Boost funding chances with tech, marketing & sales tools.

Enable technical improvements with Dynamic 365, Office 365, Visual Studio & many more tools with 24x7 support

Get cost-effective & scalable Azure cloud storage.

Grow your business with GTM strategies.

Envision your solutions with experts from Engineering, Research and Industry Leaders.

Architect and future proof your tech stack – Standalone AI, ML, Analytics

Own the tech road map with Dedicated Cloud Solution Architecture.

Produce Proof of concepts with support from expert partners.

Build with Cloud optimization and deep architecture support

Access to Microsoft Technology Center, evangelize innovative technology solutions.

Joint hackathons with Microsoft engineers.

Go to market Marketing plans integrated into key Microsoft events

Sell with Microsoft sales teams & Microsoft channel partners.

Build, Scale and Transform your solution with AI.
Partner with Microsoft today.

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