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Rapidly build data-driven agriculture solutions

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Azure FarmBeats is a purpose-built, industry-specific cloud platform built on top of Azure to enable actionable insights from data. With Azure FarmBeats, you can

  • Aggregate agricultural data from different sources
  • Fuse different agricultural datasets from sensors, drones & satellites
  • Rapidly build AI/ML models using the fused datasets
  • Build your own customized digital agriculture solution


Create farms with a map or by providing a GeoJSON file

Track farm condition by visualizing ground data collected by sensors from various sensor vendors

Assess farm health using vegetation index and water index based on satellite imagery

Get soil moisture map based on fusion of satellite and sensor data

Get recommendations on how many sensors to use and where to place them

Gain actionable insights by building AI/ML models on top of aggregated datasets

Build or augment your digital agriculture solution by providing farm health advisories

Scout farms using aerial imagery from our partner drone companies


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Customers using Azure FarmBeats​

Feed the world  how the USDA is using data and AI to address a critical need.
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U.S Department of Agriculture uses Azure FarmBeats to help farmers

“Using Azure FarmBeats, farmers will have a quicker and more innovative way to implement practices that directly benefit them”

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