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Microsoft Azure Developer League

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Next Steps:

  1. Download your Microsoft Azure Developer League Joiner Badge here.
  2. Choose your Cloud Skills Challenge below and complete all modules within your challenge.
  3. To track your progress on the leader board and to join multiple challenges, please bookmark this page.

Azure Developer League Cloud Skills Challenge Collection 2021

The challenge is open between March 02, 2021 to May 31, 2021

Illustration for Azure Administrator

Azure Administrator

Learn how to administer your cloud environment effectively across compute, networking, storage and security.

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Illustration of DevOps and Github

DevOps and GitHub

Learn the fundamentals of GitHub and design strategies for collaboration, infrastructure, source control, security, CI, testing, delivery, monitoring, and feedback.

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Illustration for Data Science and AI

Data Science and AI

Learn the basics of data science and how to design and implement machine learning models in Azure.

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Illustration for Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Learn how to implement security controls and threat protection, manage identity and access, protect data, applications, and networks in the cloud.

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Illustration for Well-Architected Applications

Well-Architected Applications

Learn how to design and build secure, scalable, high-performing solutions in Azure.

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Illustration for Cloud Native Development

Cloud Native Development

Learn how to build scalable cloud-native apps with Azure fully managed services and microservice based cloud-native architecture.

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Azure for Developers

Azure for Developers

Learn about deploying web apps on the cloud, accelerating development via serverless and interacting with different kinds of data & storage. Get the essential knowledge and skills you need for a career in cloud development.

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Each time you complete the Azure Developer League Skills Challenge and update your skills on LinkedIn, you’ll earn an entry into the raffle for a chance to win a Surface Device, free exam voucher or the Azure Developer League Jersey. The more challenges you complete, the more entries you will get into the raffle for one of the prizes. Terms and Conditions .

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