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Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella

CEO, Microsoft

Satya Nadella is Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft. Before being named CEO in February 2014, Nadella held leadership roles in both enterprise and consumer businesses across the company.

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Anil Rai Gupta

Anil Rai Gupta

Chairman & Managing Director of Havells India

Anil Rai Gupta is the Chairman & Managing Director of Havells India, one of the largest makers of industrial and household electrical products in India.

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Guenter Butschek

Guenter Butschek

CEO & MD, Tata Motors Ltd.

Mr. Guenter Butschek joined Tata Motors as the Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director in February 2016. He is responsible for leading all operations of Tata Motors in India and international markets including South Korea,

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Sangita Reddy

Sangita Reddy

Joint MD, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited

A member of the founding family, Sangita Reddy actively participated in the inception of Apollo Hospitals, and formally joined the Group in 1983. For almost two decades since then, Sangita, as Executive Director Operations has led the human resources portfolio...

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Norm Judah

Norm Judah

Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Services

Norm Judah serves as Chief Technology Officer of Worldwide Services at Microsoft, focusing on technical strategy, innovation, technical communities and knowledge management, and the development of technical people.

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Anshuman Singh

Anshuman Singh

CEO & MD, Stellar Value Chain Solutions

Anshuman Singh, a pioneer of Value Chain Transformation in India, is the founder, MD and CEO of Stellar Value Chain Solutions. He is a mechanical engineer and an MBA graduate.

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Adam Roberts

Adam Roberts

Europe Business Correspondent, The Economist

Adam Roberts has been a full-time correspondent for The Economist since 1998. He is currently a foreign correspondent based in Paris, covering business and other stories for the publication, across Europe.

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Nara Chandrababu Naidu

Nara Chandrababu Naidu

Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh

Nara Chandrababu Naidu is the current Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. He has a Masters in Economics from Sri Venkateswara Arts College, Tirupati. He is also the president of the Telugu Desam Party in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

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C K Venkataraman

C K Venkataraman

CEO Jewellery, Titan Company

C K Venkataraman is an alumnus of IIM, Ahmedabad. He worked for 5 years in the advertising industry and then joined Titan in 1990. After spending 15 years in the Watches division of Titan, mostly in Marketing and towards...

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Devendra Fadnavis

Devendra Fadnavis

Chief Minister of Maharashtra

Mr. Devendra Gangadharrao Fadnavis, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, is a rare brand of politician who is both erudite and popular with the masses.

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Anil Bhansali

Anil Bhansali

CVP & MD, Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt. Ltd.

Anil Bhansali is the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft & Managing Director of Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt Ltd. He started his career in Microsoft in 1991 as part of the Office division...

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Sunil Kanchi

Sunil Kanchi

Chief Information Officer & Sr. Vice President of UST Global

Sunil Kanchi is Chief Information Officer & Senior Vice President of UST Global. As CIO, Sunil is responsible for Information Systems, and digital transformation of all internal systems.

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Pullela Gopichand

Pullela Gopichand

Chief National Coach, Indian Badminton Team

There are those who drive themselves to make their passion the reason for their success and then there are those whose passion drives other people to success also.

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Rajiv Kumar

Rajiv Kumar

Corporate Vice-President, Office Productivity Group

Rajiv is a senior leader at the Microsoft India Development Center, Hyderabad. He is a 23 year Microsoft veteran, joining as a software development engineer and growing through the ranks, making impactful contributions to several product groups.

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Manu Gopinath

Manu Gopinath

Chief People Officer & Head of Global Business Development, UST Global

Manu is the Global Head of Human Resources, responsible for all key aspects of UST's human capital including resource planning and deployment, performance management, engagement, retention, rewards, training, development and succession.

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Key highlights include:

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The hybrid-cloud infrastructure being adopted by even the public sector in India is exciting for us to see. @SatyaNadella #FutureDecoded

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Optimize your operations with efficient data backup and recovery, reduced risk and easier compliance. #DigitalTransformation #FutureDecoded

Empower your employees with lifelong learning and design thinking into your organizations through #DigitalTransformation #FutureDecoded

"Today's noise in data is tomorrow's insight. Data is extremely valuable, you don't just throw it away." - @NormJudah at #FutureDecoded

AI today is essentially about giving you back time- @NormJudah, CTO, Microsoft Services speaking on the Future of Technology #FutureDecoded