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Tweets of the dayTweets of the day

Phenomenal to see the entrepreneurial energy that’s born in the cloud, and is re-shaping the economy in India. @SatyaNadella #FutureDecoded

Watch the @Skype team share what’s next for video & voice calling & IM #FutureDecoded

Industries are changing, scenarios are changing so we have to put tech into a context for impacting lives @SangitaApollo #FutureDecoded

Make your days longer, work hard and keep the kid in you alive.That's what gets you personal excellence - Pullela Gopichand at #FutureDecoded

#MachineLearning, chatbots and digital onboarding @ZingHR are using the power of cloud computing. #FutureDecoded #DigitalTransformation

Showcasing how data can stay protected anywhere, anytime and across platforms. #FutureDecoded #DigitalTransformation

Andhra Pradesh to lead the way for #DigitalTransformation in India. - N.Chandrababu Naidu at #FutureDecoded

We’ve built Skype Lite for India, it's lightweight and has #Aadhar integration built in.@satyanadella #FutureDecoded

The hybrid-cloud infrastructure being adopted by even the public sector in India is exciting for us to see. @SatyaNadella #FutureDecoded

With self-driving and #ConnectedCars, the auto industry is at the forefront of changing the business model. @SatyaNadella #FutureDecoded

Catch the keynote of Chandrababu Naidu, CM, Andhra Pradesh at #FutureDecoded, live on #periscope

Optimize your operations with efficient data backup and recovery, reduced risk and easier compliance. #DigitalTransformation #FutureDecoded

Empower your employees with lifelong learning and design thinking into your organizations through #DigitalTransformation #FutureDecoded

"Today's noise in data is tomorrow's insight. Data is extremely valuable, you don't just throw it away." - @NormJudah at #FutureDecoded

AI today is essentially about giving you back time- @NormJudah, CTO, Microsoft Services speaking on the Future of Technology #FutureDecoded