Microsoft AgriTech Startup program
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Microsoft empowers AgriTech startups

India has a growing number of AgriTech startups, going global across various solutions like supply chain, market
linkage, and better access to inputs. To empower AgriTech startups to build solutions, scale across markets, and
grow further with partnerships, Microsoft has launched the AgriTech Startup Program.

Introducing the Microsoft for AgriTech Startups Program suited for your needs

Spread across 3 tiers, the program gives a series of benefits ranging from tech enablement to business enablement
and support, no matter what stage you are at.

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All startups

From Seed to Series C, boost your business at any level with Microsoft’s essential technical and marketing & sales tools.

Use Azure storage, functions, and support in a cost-effective and scalable way. Get up to $120,000 (2 years) of free Azure Cloud Credits.

Avail technical enablement with Dynamic 365, Office 365, Visual Studio, and GitHub. Get enterprise-level unlimited 24/7 technical support.

Grow your business with go-to-market resources and Marketplace onboarding support.

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Co-sell startups

As startups with enterprise-ready solutions, you can leverage Microsoft’s eco-system and scale-up your business with go-to-market strategies, technical support, and co-selling.

Build transformational solutions with Microsoft.

Create new sales opportunities with Microsoft’s vast community of customers, large partner ecosystem, and Azure marketplace.

Reach out to the right audience along with Microsoft with Joint Go-to-market.

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Co-create solutions

If you’re just getting started and looking to build digital agriculture solutions, Microsoft can help you co-build your solution with Azure FarmBeats.

Build your own customized solution without investing in deep data engineering resources.

Acquire, aggregate, and process agricultural data through FarmBeats.

Rapidly create your own AI and ML models using the fused datasets.

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Partnering with Microsoft on co-building our solution has helped us in an early go-to-market.

Sachin Suri | Founder, CropData

Let your solution transform the agricultural landscape.
Partner with Microsoft today.