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Build business resilience with responsive sales and service

Stay connected to customers and employees-across channels and in the midst of rapid change-by learning from each interaction and rapidly responding with meaningful engagements.

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Exceed customer expectations

Build lasting relationships by enabling sales and service teams to gain a single version of truth from consolidated data, learn from AI-driven insights, and listen and respond to customer needs.

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Respond to needs in real time

Proactively optimize service and resources using familiar tools as you effectively handle increased case volumes with empathetic, real-time support across channels-anytime and from anywhere​.

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Stay connected to customers

Improve long-term customer relationships by using an integrated portfolio of solutions to engage customers remotely with timely communications and deliver digital and personalized shopping experiences across channels.

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Maintain business continuity

Identify needs and trends to rapidly adjust to new business models, then drive meaningful actions at the right time across channels using analytics, insights, and a 360-degree view of customers​-all with built-in security.

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Personalise service

Consistently deliver the tailored service customers expect across channels using 360-degree customer views that allow agents to personalise every interaction.

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Activate digital selling

Focus on the right customers, engage customers anywhere, and take swift action using AI.

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Empower sellers to build relationships remotely

Keep the focus on relationships using unified solutions and data across LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Dynamics 365 Sales, and Microsoft 365.

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Boost sales productivity with seamless tools

Free up more time for engagement using familiar and cohesive tools and intelligent automation to streamline the sales process.

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Increase sales profitably

Reduce costs through sales and marketing alignment, and shorten sales cycles with predictive insights.

Everything you need to stay connected to customers

Create the perfect solution for your goals by using exactly the products you need.


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