Personalised career guidance with Career Coach

The journey from education to employment is not always straightforward. Career Coach, a Microsoft Teams app powered by LinkedIn, can help each student discover their unique career path, grow real-world skills, and build their network – all in one place.

Give students the power to explore, learn, and network in Microsoft Teams

With Career Coach, students can identify career goals aligned with their passions, interests, and strengths. They will find opportunities to develop real-world skills and connect with alumni, peers, and faculty who can support them on their career path.

Discover career paths

Students can easily explore career options that match their interests, find inspiration, and connect with alumni.

Grow real-world skills

Connect students with different learning experiences and track progress as they the gain real-world skills they need to pursue their career goals.

Build professional networks

Students can build meaningful connections with alumni, peers, and faculty and get support along their career journey.

Career Coach and LinkedIn

Career Coach features select LinkedIn Learning courses that offer career-related guidance and activities within the app at no additional charge. With a separate LinkedIn Learning campus subscription, access to the 16,000+ course library is seamlessly integrated for continued growth in all the skills needed for today’s job market.

Explore Career Coach for your institution

Your institution can stand out by improving student success and driving student employment outcomes using the combined power of Career Coach and LinkedIn.

Improve student success to drive employment outcomes

Career Coach gives institutions a comprehensive solution focused on career planning, real-world skills, and networking to help students discover opportunities that match their aspirations.

Gain valuable insights to enhance student experience

Increase insight into student skills and career goals so you can support student engagement, while optimising curriculum to align with the job market.

Customise with your unique institution offerings

Tailor the Career Coach app to integrate your institution’s unique courses, programs, services, and brand.

Career Coach demo

Watch this short video to see the app in action and learn how Career Coach can help your institution bring together the curricula, skills, and networks that will guide your students to fulfill their career goals, or try it out with an interactive demo.

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Career Coach overview

Use this quick overview guide to explore how Career Coach can help your institution drive student outcomes, increase student success, and ensure access to personalised career guidance.

Career Coach e-book

Discover how to provide personalised career guidance to your students via the power of Career Coach, LinkedIn and Microsoft Teams for Education.

Getting started guide for IT

Review the technical requirements to set up and customise Career Coach at your institution.

Quick planning guide

Learn how your institution can use Career Coach to drive engagement among faculty, career services, and students.

Frequently asked questions

Browse these frequently asked questions for a general overview of Career Coach or read the documentation for more comprehensive details.

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Career Coach is a Microsoft Teams for Education app powered by LinkedIn that provides personalised guidance to navigate a student’s career journey by empowering students to discover their career path, grow real-world skills, and build their network, all in one place.

    Higher education institutions that need to drive employment outcomes that uniquely match the aspirations of each student. Career Coach is designed for higher education students who are at any stage of their education. It is especially useful when a student is pursuing a field of study that has options when it comes to choosing a specific career.

      Unlike stand-alone labor market insights or skill-focused solutions, Career Coach is an integrated employability solution designed to help students discover their goals, interests, and skills using an AI-based skills identifier and LinkedIn integration that aligns a student’s comprehensive profile with job market trends.

      With a personalised experience, students can get inspired by different career options, connect with alumni, peers, and faculty, and learn with courses from the higher education institution, LinkedIn Learning, and Microsoft. Higher education institutions will be able to gain insight into the skills and career goals students have, as well as job market trends to drive curriculum, programs, and services to support student success.

        LinkedIn is the largest network of professionals in the world and a primary recruiting ground for companies with 14 million open jobs on the platform. The world’s largest professional network allows students and new graduates to: connect to the professional world, stay informed through professional and industry news, get hired, and build their career.

        Career Coach shows students different careers based on alumni insights from LinkedIn. By connecting the LinkedIn Page for the higher education institution to Career Coach, publicly visible alumni profiles are aggregated to power the Career and People pages.

        Career Coach features a small subset of free LinkedIn Learning courses that offer specific career-related guidance and activities within the product.

        With a separate LinkedIn Learning campus subscription, access to the full 16,000+ course library is seamlessly integrated into the experience, which empowers students to build the skills they need to launch their career.

          Career Coach does not include any 3rd party integrations. The product team will research 3rd party integration requests and scenarios with customers.