Microsoft K12 Education Transformation Framework

An effective, flexible platform for education transformation grounded by research from academics, experts, and policy makers.

Decades of research

Research from policy makers and academics where learning transformation initiatives have made dramatic improvements.

Global best practice

The most successful transformation projects globally share the same approach—one that’s holistic, methodical and systematic.

Real evidence

Examples of what has worked and what hasn’t can help steer you on the path to success.

Leadership & policy

An open culture of learning and exchange across the system, with a collective buy-in of vision and shared goals that motivates leaders and educators to drive change.

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Modern teaching & learning

A new and immersive way to explore curriculum, nurturing a growth mindset in students, while emphasizing future-ready skills to help them thrive in jobs not yet invented.

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Intelligent environments

Creative collaboration in flexible learning spaces, creating more sustainable and energy-efficient ways of working, and providing responsive and coordinated security to keep learning communities safe.

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Technology blueprint

A reliable, responsive and data-driven technology environment empowering teachers, learners and administrators to achieve more every day in the modern classroom.

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How to get started

Access the guide on how the Microsoft Education Transformation Framework can fast-track your journey toward an effective system-wide transformation.

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