Microsoft Software Assurance

Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing helps boost organisational productivity with 24x7 support, deployment planning services, end user and technical training, the latest Microsoft software releases, unique technologies, plus support for cloud services adoption, all in one cost-effective program.

Get to know the entire suite of Microsoft Software Assurance program benefits.

Software Assurance training benefits

Software Assurance training benefits help boost productivity by providing technical training for IT professionals and developers, and opportunities to enhance end-user readiness, all designed to ensure effective and efficient deployment, management, support, and adoption of new Microsoft software without impacting your training budget. Software Assurance training benefits provides technical and end-user training through two modalities: Software Assurance E-Learning and Software Assurance training vouchers (SATV).

Technical training. With Software Assurance technical training, you get technical training through a Microsoft Learning Partner. Developed by Microsoft experts, these in-depth IT courses are designed to help your staff deploy, manage, support and adopt new software.

End-user training. With Software Assurance end-user training, you can help your employees gain skills to be more productive with their current software, or ready your employees for new versions with individual, self-paced interactive training delivered via Internet or intranet (e-learning).

Using your Software Assurance training benefits through e-learning and training vouchers

Software Assurance E-Learning

Software Assurance e-learning provides individual, self-paced, interactive Microsoft software training through the Internet or intranet, and is principally for end users. Flexible, self-paced training options help prepare your people for new product implementations – all without impacting your budget.

For every qualifying licence covered by Software Assurance, one person in your organisation is provided with access to select e-learning courses for that product. For more details on Software Assurance e-learning entitlement, refer to theMicrosoft Product List for Volume Licensing.

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Software Assurance E-Learning resources

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Software Assurance training vouchers

Software Assurance training vouchers provide in-depth technical training for IT professionals and developers. Developed by Microsoft experts with classroom training, taught by Microsoft Certified Trainers and Microsoft Official Courses On Demand (MOD) hosted online and taught by top trainers. Training vouchers help your IT staff deploy, manage, support new software and stay current with technology—without impacting your budget.

Your company receives a number of training days based on the amount of qualifying Microsoft Office and/or Windows software licences covered with Software Assurance. Training voucher eligibility depends on having a minimum number of licences covered by Software Assurance. This number varies by licensing program. For more details on Software Assurance Training Voucher entitlement, refer to theMicrosoft Product List for Volume Licensing.

The ability to access your training vouchers expires with your Software Assurance coverage. If you create a training voucher before your Software Assurance coverage expires, the voucher remains valid for 180 days after the date it was created.

Eligible courses are as follows:

  • Microsoft Official Courseware (designed for IT professionals or developers)

Ineligible courses include courses created for information workers such as:

Software Assurance training voucher resources

Use the following resources to learn more about Software Assurance training vouchers: