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Software Assurance overview

Every day, your business must respond to change, meet challenges, and maintain growth. And whatever your business, large or small, you rely on an effective and efficient IT infrastructure to help drive success.

How can Software Assurance help you?

Software Assurance benefits help you take full advantage of your investments in IT. A comprehensive program that includes a unique set of technologies, services, and rights to help deploy, manage, and use Microsoft products efficiently, Software Assurance helps keep your business up to date and ready to respond quickly to change and opportunity.

Why Software Assurance?

Take full advantage of your investments in IT.

Why Software Assurance?

Why Software Assurance?

You make significant investments in IT, and Software Assurance from Microsoft helps you take fullest advantage of the value your investments can bring. Save time and money with the right tools, training, and support to help empower your people, optimize your technology, and unlock the full potential of your investments in Microsoft technologies. Software Assurance helps you with the following:

  • Reduce software and services costs with rights to new software releases and cost-efficient upgrades.
  • Use consulting services to plan new, on-premises and cloud-based deployments.
  • Improve operational efficiency through access to unique technologies and licensing rights.
  • Increase overall user productivity with instructor-led technical training and online end-user training.
  • Maintain an available and responsive IT infrastructure with around-the-clock support.

To learn more about the advantages of Software Assurance, download the Software Assurance at a glance (PDF, 326 KB).

Discover the unique benefits and value that Software Assurance can provide for your business.

By product

Software Assurance spans a broad range of Microsoft software and services products, including the Windows operating system, Microsoft Office, Exchange, System Center, SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, and many others. Learn more about the specific benefits available for the products you license.

By benefit

Software Assurance benefits include new product version rights, deployment planning, technical and end-user training, support, and a unique set of technologies and services. Learn more about Software Assurance benefits and how each can contribute to your business needs.

Learn how to buy

Software Assurance is included with some Volume Licensing programs and is an optional purchase with others.

Getting Software Assurance

Getting Software Assurance

Microsoft Volume Licensing is the most cost-effective, flexible, and manageable way to acquire Microsoft software and cloud services. Software Assurance is only available through Volume Licensing and is purchased when you buy or renew a Volume Licensing agreement. It is included with some agreements and is an optional purchase with others. The Software Assurance benefits chart (PDF, 768) provides a summary of the benefits available by Volume Licensing agreement.

Volume Licensing programs are tailored to the needs of different types and sizes of business.

Open License

Open Value/ Subscription

Select Plus*

Microsoft Products and Services Agreement

Enterprise Agreement/ Subscription

Number of users or devices required

5 or more250 or more

Software Assurance


How to buy

VAR/distributor/resellerLicensing Solution Provider (LSP)

*Select Plus commercial agreements will no longer be sold starting July 1, 2015.

Software Assurance is also available through Volume Licensing for government, academic, health, and nonprofit organizations.

Find a Microsoft Partner or visit Microsoft Volume Licensing to learn more about how to buy through Volume Licensing.

Get started now!

Manage and use your Software Assurance benefits.

Manage and use your Software Assurance benefits.

Managing Software Assurance

Get to know which benefits your organization is entitled to through your Volume Licensing agreement, and develop an action plan for activating and using them. Here are some basic guidelines to get you started.

Make the most of your benefits

See Software Assurance benefits in action.

Make the most of your benefits

Using Software Assurance

Software Assurance benefits help organizations and industries like yours get the most from their Microsoft technology investments. The following scenarios are just a few examples of how your organization might take advantage of your Software Assurance benefits to maximize the value of your investments in Microsoft technology. To learn more about how Software Assurance can help, download the Software Assurance Program Guide (PDF, 6.12 MB).