The importance of mobile data protection in a 24/7 industry: Q&A with an IT director

The LINE is a modern boutique hotel in the heart of LA’s Koreatown that’s bustling day and night with guests. Amidst all the action, the LINE’s IT Director, Nick DeMarco is busy keeping the company’s designers, marketers, and contractors connected and secure as they work on the go and from various locations—while also keeping guest data safe. We caught up with DeMarco to learn more about mobile data protection while working in the in the 24/7—always on—environment of a popular hotel.

  • [0:00] Could you introduce yourself?
  • [0:10] What is the Sydell Group?
  • [0:25] What makes Sydell hotels, specifically The LINE Hotel, special or unique from other hotel businesses?
  • [0:58] Tell us a bit about your immediate team
  • [1:39] How are you all working together in the day to day from these different places?
  • [2:11] What kinds of places are folks working from, especially when they’re not in the office?
  • [2:43] How are you enabling people to really work from anywhere?
  • [3:24] How have the secure systems you’ve put in place allowed your team to do their absolute best from anywhere?
  • [4:24] What’s been most important thing to consider in building such a secure infrastructure for your team to work within?
  • [5:05] How do you know if it’s all working?
  • [5:44] Could you talk a bit more about how and why Office 365 is the best environment for your business to communicate?
  • [6:05] How are you feeling assured that these exchanges, these proprietary exchanges, are occurring safely?
  • [6:35] How did you implement your system?
  • [7:30] What is it about having a largely remote team that is daunting to people and businesses?
  • [8:31] What’s the most appealing aspect of the mobile-friendly workplace?
  • [8:52] What would you say should be in the virtual “toolkit” for a business to enable an effective remote team?
  • [9:11] Has going mobile been a heavy lift? Does this type of work style transformation require a lot for the IT personnel to coordinate?
  • [9:28] Has anything happened that you’d classify as a mobile success story for your team?
  • [9:52] What should a growing small businesses start with when considering building out a more mobile workforce?

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