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August 2018 Edition

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Webinar on Embracing Life Changes:

Change can be unexpected. Change can be confusing and overwhelming. But change need not be frightening. LiveWell365 conducted a webinar on embracing life changes as part of the Microsoft CARES Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

100+ employees took part and learnt strategies on managing the effects of change due to frequent job transfers and ways of adapting to change in a volatile environment.
Click here to watch a video on the six stages of change.



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Onsite health check

To make sure employees are protected against the rising tide of lifestyle diseases, we recently held the annual Onsite Health Check. Over 3926 employees took part in the health check-up program. They also had access to an optional doctor’s consultation in the office premises. But what made this year’s health check really unique was the sample collection in the comfort of your homes. Employees also had the option of booking an appointment for home collection for their family members at a discounted rate as well.