There are three people in the image in a yoga posture, seated-forward-bend.

Fitness benefits

We believe that your fitness goals and programs are as unique as you are. So whether it is the smooth flow of yoga and tai chi or high-energy cardio and Zumba, we enable your journey. We encourage everyone to participate in a regular personal fitness program to live a healthier life.

A young woman in the running pose.

Maximize your fitness options

We understand how important it is for you to stay healthy and fit. Our on campus gyms as well as regular Yoga and Pilates classes at Hyderabad, in-house games facilities such as badminton, table tennis, foosball, pool and cricket strive to provide you the opportunity to keep yourself fit while at work.

For those of you who wish to pursue a different fitness/sports activity apart from what is available within the office premises, you could use our Fitness policy and get reimbursed up to ₹ 19K in a fiscal year. Under our Fitness policy, you could choose to enroll in a gym of your choice, or purchase a fitness band or participate in a lifestyle change management program/sport activity. For further details on what you can claim under this policy, please visit the Fitness Reimbursement policy on our HRWeb.