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Flu shots

Thinking about forgoing the flu shot this season? Think again.

The flu virus can cause some serious health complications, if you ignore it. It can affect anybody - healthy people included. Boost your defences by taking the shot at the Flu Shot Drive that’s coming to your campuses. Do your part in preventing a serious flu outbreak for everyone. Getting a Flu shot will protect your friends, family and neighbours in your community from catching the flu.

All you have to do is schedule or walk in for a free flu shot at your campus.

Important Links

Click here to schedule an appointment for the flu vaccination drive.*

* By clicking on this link you are redirected to a third party website hosted by International SOS. Please note the third party’s privacy policy and security practices apply.

Schedule for the Flu camp :
City Business unit For employees For family members Venue
Dates Time Date Time
Bangalore MSR(Lavelle road) Nov 19, 2018 12PM to 4PM (IST) Nov 19, 2018 11AM to 3PM (IST)  1st Floor , Conf Room Sushrutha
CSS, GSMO, IDC(Prestige Ferns galaxy) Nov 13 – 14, 2018 11AM to 7PM (IST) Nov 24, 2018 11AM to 7PM (IST)  Ground Floor : Medical Room
Nov 15 - 16, 2018 2PM to 9PM (IST)
IGD(Manyata) Nov 20, 2018 11AM to 7PM (IST) Nov 24, 2018 11AM to 3PM (IST)  Conf Room Malaysia
Hyderabad Building 2 (Gachibowli) Nov 19 – 23, 2018 10AM to 6PM (IST) Nov 24, 2018 11AM to 7PM (IST)  Building 2: Focus Room- 1.09 &  1.11 (First floor)
Building 3 (Gachibowli) Nov 19 – 23, 2018 10AM to 6PM (IST) Nov 24, 2018 11AM to 7PM (IST)  Medical Room
SSKC Nov 14 - 15, 2018 10AM to 6PM(IST) Nov 24, 2018 11AM to 7PM (IST) 14th floor - T1401 and T1402
Pune GSMO Nov 28, 2018 1PM to 4PM(IST) Dec 1, 2018 1PM to 4PM(IST)   Ivory
Mumbai GSMO Nov 28, 2018 11AM to 5PM(IST) Dec 1, 2018 11AM to 3PM (IST)  4th Floor, Conference room -  Trout
Gurgaon GSMO Nov 28, 2018 11AM to 5PM(IST) Dec 1, 2018 11AM to 7PM (IST)   Indus
Chennai GSMO (Prestige Polygon) Nov 1, 2018 2PM to 6PM (IST) -   Conference room
Shared services(RMZ Millenia) Nov 1, 2018 11AM to 3PM (IST) Nov 24, 2018 11AM to 3PM (IST)   Collaboration
Noida GSMO Nov 27, 2018 1PM to 3PM (IST) Dec 1, 2018 1PM to 3PM (IST)  5th floor, Purana Quila
Kolkata GSMO Nov 1, 2018 2PM to 4PM (IST) -  Meeting Room

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Fill the consent form provided to you during the vaccination.
  • Wear loose clothes, (preferably the ones with half sleeves) Vaccine will be given on the arm.
  • Relax your arm when getting the shot.
  • Don’t take flu vaccine in case you have known egg allergy.
  • During high fever, one should not take any vaccine.
  • If anyone has taken antibiotic same day, avoid vaccination.
  • If anyone have severe migraine or feats problem, avoid influenza vaccination.
  • Although flu vaccine is recommended during pregnancy, we recommend pregnant women
  • To take vaccine under the consultation of the gynaecologist.

Post Vaccination

  • Like any medicines/ vaccine Flu shot may cause side effects although not everybody gets it.
  • To know more about the side effects, please click here.

Important Note

  • Fill the consent form provided to you during the vaccination.
  • Employees who intend to take flu vaccine are suggested to come with loose upper garment on vaccination day for ease of vaccination on deltoid (arm) region.
  • All the lady employees to inform about the pregnancy to the doctor before vaccination.
  • All the employees undergoing vaccination should inform about the allergy and medication they are currently taking to the doctor.
  • All the employees are requested to compulsory fill the consent form before taking vaccine.
  • Abstain from alcohol 1 hour before vaccination. There is no restriction for alcohol for flu vaccine after vaccination.

What should I do if I have had a reaction to seasonal influenza vaccine?

  • Inform the doctor, or get to a doctor right away.
  • Tell your doctor what happened, the date and time it happened, and when you got the flu shot.
  • Inform Local HR coordinator.