A hand drawing a sketch of a family protected under an umbrella. Here, an umbrella represents the benefits of a flexible insurance plan providing coverage such as Life or Term cover, Reimbursable Benefits, Personal Accident, and Medical Insurance.

Insurance benefits

Life can be unpredictable and we know your needs change with time. That is why our Flexible Benefits Plan has been designed to provide you and your dependents with a comprehensive insurance cover around Medical, Personal Accident and Term/Life. We also have the Reimbursable Benefits (such as Fitness, Tuition Assistance and Child Care), which allow you to allocate a part of your Flex Points towards these in case you choose to top up any of the reimbursable benefits.

Microsoft’s Medical insurance policy is unique in many ways. First, it is a floater cover, which means that you have the flexibility to spend the entire amount on one person and there is no cap on the amount per person so long as it is within the overall coverage amount. Second, there is no cost sharing on actual expenses incurred (so long as it falls within the policy guidelines).

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  • Select the most optimum insurance plan for yourself and your family

  • Declare the nomination percentage in case of Term Life and Accident Insurance

  • For any queries related to the policy/tool issues, please write to hb.admin@marsh.com

Medical insurance benefits

The chart highlighting a list of medical insurance benefits in two categories – 1. For both Employees and their Dependents and 2. For Employees only. The first category include hospitalization cover along with the exclusive health check-up, maternity benefit, outpatient/domiciliary cover, and dental and vision. The second category i.e. benefits for only employees include support during extended hospitalization or unpaid leave of absence, hospitalization cash allowance of ₹ 10,000 per day for all days exceeding 10 days, and salary loss protection plan of ₹ 20,000 per week during hospitalization while on leave of absence.

How it works

How it works
Microsoft India pays the full cost of your core benefits, and gives you the added flexibility to buy optional benefits around medical, accident and life / term cover by allocating you 15000 Flex Points per fiscal (where 1 flex Point = 1 ₹). All employees are allocated the same number of Flex Points. A new employee is awarded Flex Points pro rata from his or her date of joining. Flex points can be used to top up or buy additional coverage against the benefits available under this plan. If your insurance-related benefit choices cost less than your Flex points, you can choose to use them to top up your reimbursable benefits. If your insurance-related benefit choices cost more than your Flex points, the additional amount gets deducted from your salary.

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How to enroll

How to enroll
Log in to BenefitsAsia Enter your employee ID and password Verify/edit your dependent's information Select your benefits and confirm your selection Existing employees, who do not update their coverage plans in June, will continue to avail their previous year's selection New employees, who do not update their plan within the defined time frame, will avail of the Default plan Remember, you will have to wait until the next annual enrollment or there is a qualified life-event change to update your plan

When to enroll

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  • Life Events
  • New Employee

Each year in June-July, the Flexible Benefits Enrollment Plan will open to allow you to select the benefits that best suit to your current circumstances

The choices made by you would be effective July 1 onwards

Medical insurance plan

At Microsoft, we try to ensure that your insurance coverage can adapt to your changing life requirements. That is why you have the flexibility to choose your Medical Insurance Plan from 11 different options so that you are well covered.

Hospitalization Cover Options under Medical Insurance (Floater cover with no cost sharing on medical expenses)

Medical insurance plan
Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Option 5 Option 6&7 Option 8&9 Option 10* Option 11*
₹ 500K ₹ 700K ₹ 500K ₹ 700K ₹ 700K ₹ 700K ₹ 1000K ₹ 700K ₹ 1000K
EE Only EE Only EE + 2P EE + 2P EE Only EE + S/P + 2C + 2P / 2PIL EE + S/P + 2C + 2P / 2PIL EE + S/P + 2C + 1P + 1PIL EE + S/P + 2C + 1P +1PIL

EE – Employees; S/P – Spouse/Partner; C – Children; P – Parents; PIL – Parents-in-law
*This option can only be selected by employees with one living parent and one living parent in-law

Personal accident and life / term cover

All employees are covered up to two times their annual base salary in the event of a Personal Accident or death. An employee could choose to enhance the coverage amount by using the Flex points up to additional 3 times of their base salary as given in the table below.

Accident insurance

Accident insurance
Personal Accident Core Default Benefit Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Spouse Coverage
Employee Coverage Amount 3 x Annual base salary Additional 1x Annual Salary Additional 2x Annual Salary Additional 3x Annual Salary Upto ₹ 50L

Life insurance

Life insurance
  Core Default Benefit Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Employee Coverage Amount 2 x Annual Salary Additional 1x Annual Salary Additional 2x Annual Salary Additional 3x Annual Salary
Spouse Coverage Upto ₹ 1 Crore (In multiples of ₹ 5L)
Critical Illness Coverage Fixed Sum-insured of ₹ 10L

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