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Do you feel the need to talk to someone?

Are you facing Stress, a Relationship issue or a concern related to Parenting or Work? Is something bothering you?

Help at hand!

Microsoft CARES is the right platform for you to seek and get answers to some of these questions. Professional Counselors and Wellness Coaches are available 24/7 to assist you in developing the necessary coping skills to maintain balance in life.

Wellness is not complete unless we achieve emotional balance in our lives. And sometimes, all we need is a little help to maintain this balance.

If you are a new user, you can login to with your official email ID and then set an ID and password of your choice.

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Microsoft CARES is a confidential service from , which equips and supports you as you meet life’s challenges. It offers a range of reliable self-help resources as well as personalized help from professional counsellors.

When you are confused about a decision or under a lot of stress, it is hard to think clearly. There are huge benefits in talking things through with a trustworthy, objective, non-judgmental person who can help you gain clarity and a fresh perspective, so you can cope more effectively and even change and grow.


  • Online Counselling: Accessible 24/7 through a secure website.
  • Telephone Counselling: Speak to a counsellor on the telephone (by appointment) Toll Free 1800 425 9595
  • Face-to-Face Counselling: Meet a counsellor face-to-face at 1to1help’s premises (by appointment)
  • Wellness Coaching: Work with a coach online or on the telephone to achieve wellness goals
  • Legal and Financial Information: Get basic information from a legal/financial expert


  • Self-help Library: Authentic information that you can count on about relationships, parenting, work-life, wellness and self-development
  • Assessment Tools: Brief quizzes to help you understand yourself
  • Health Risk Assessment: Check your health status and evaluate your need for lifestyle changes
  • Discussion Group: Share your views and know what others think
  • Chat: Engage in brief real-time interactions with a wellness coach or counsellor

It's free!

Counselling, if availed of through regular external channels can be expensive. Your company believes that happy people are more productive. Hence all costs are borne by your company. (This however does not cover referrals to other specialists, if required).

Confidentiality and trust is the very basis of professional counselling. The interaction is directly between you and 1to1help and all interactions with the counselors are highly confidential. No names or personal details of employees will be shared with the company (unless there is a threat to life).

Counselling is provided by professionally qualified and experienced counsellors. The basic qualification for counselors is a Masters in Psychology or Behavioral sciences.

Once a particular counsellor is assigned to you, you will continue to interact with the same counselor for any further sessions.

Some of the issues for which people frequently seek help are:

PERSONAL: Lack of confidence, anger management, bereavement, loneliness and depression, shyness, sexual concerns, overcoming habits (smoking, pornography, alcohol, drugs), traumatic past experiences, personality development.

RELATIONSHIP: Marriage (frequent conflicts, unmet expectations, in-law concerns, infidelity, sexual difficulties), and pre-marital issues, relationships with friends of same and opposite sex, break-up of romantic relationships, family concerns, lack of assertiveness.

WORK: Relationship with boss and colleagues, lack of motivation and concentration, career growth and performance concerns, work-life balance, stress, harassment, time management, fear of speaking in meetings, handling shift work.

PARENTING: Deciding to have a baby, child care, discipline, quality time, school (academic performance, bullying, relationship with friends & teachers), handling teenagers.

WELLNESS COACHING: Weight management, developing fitness, diet-planning, insomnia and other sleep issues, smoking cessation, motivation to exercise, developing healthy eating habits, lifestyle management with chronic illness, preventive health care.

Just go to click on ‘Sign up’ and follow a simple procedure which takes less than a minute. Once you have done this you can access the entire range of online and offline resources.

In case of any issues, you can write through Contact Us.

  • Online Counselling: No scheduling required, this is available 24/7. Go to the online counselling page, and write to the counsellor. You will receive a response within 48 hours, following which you can continue your interaction with the same counsellor.
  • Telephone and Face to Face Counselling
    • Place your request on . You will receive a call-back to schedule an appointment.
    • OR
    • Call 1800– 425– 9595 (toll-free) to schedule an appointment.

Visit to know more.

* Any counselling session that an employee may participate in pursuant to this initiative shall be at the employee’s own choice and discretion. Participation in the counselling session shall imply that the employee has understood the terms and conditions pertaining to such participation prescribed by Company from time to time. The employee specifically agrees that Company shall not be responsible either directly or indirectly to the said employee, employee’s parents, employee’s spouse and/or employee’s legal representatives against any and all claims, expenses, demands and costs that may be made following such participation. The employee specifically agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Company in this regard.

MS CARES Sessions

Every month Microsoft partners with counselors to conduct Skype sessions on a variety of topics based on employee interests. Below are the sessions conducted in the past as well as upcoming sessions in the future.

Sessions conducted in the Past

  • How to overcome shyness at the workplace
  • Stress management
  • Work-life balance
  • How to eat right & lose weight
  • Sleep & its benefits

Upcoming Session

Webinar details coming soon.

If there is a particular topic on which you would like us to hold a session, please do let us know at