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People running

Microsoft Run

THANK YOU for participating in the first edition of Microsoft Run!

With each step forward, 850 runners managed to make the event a big success!

You can find your race timings from the race along with your e-certificates here.

Click here to find all the amazing pictures of the Run.

Below are the winners across both cities —

Bangalore winners
Category Name Timing
5K Female Prajala HB 0:37:03
Jyothi S 0:39:27
Shilpa Chaurasia 00:41:39
5K Male Sumit Paliwal 0:24:15
Ahsim Nisar 0:24:55
Rachit Gulati 0:27:06
10K Female Richya Bansal 1:13:18
Indrayani Ingale 1:19:21
Indu Bhardwaj 1:28:16
10K Male Prasad Ethireddy 0:42:36
Suresh Krishnappa 0:44:55
Sandeep Unnimadhavan 0:48:09
Hyderabad winners
Category Name Timing
5K Female Bhagyashree Nayak 0:33:08
Chandrakala Devi Angom 0:34:09
Deeksha Thakur 0:34:53
5K Male Suhas Pai 0:22:56
Chiradeep Biswas 0:23:54
Shubham Singla 0:24:16
10K Female Neha Chauhan 1:05:00
Chetna Das 1:05:56
Shivya Nautiyal 1:06:41
10K Male Sourav Kumar 0:46:23
Aman Garg 0:50:19
Nitin Pande 0:52:37

We hope to see you at the second edition of Microsoft Run!