Microsoft Graph Security API

Enabling more connected security apps and workflows.

More integrated and streamlined security

Simplify integration

Unify integration across multiple security solutions to reduce development time and effort.

Speed up response

Increase SecOps efficiency with automation and instant access to relevant security data and actions.

Improve effectiveness

Drive better performance by maximizing the value of existing security investments.

Improve security by connecting solutions

Speed up threat detection and incident response. Share insights across Microsoft and partner security solutions and integrate with existing tools and workflows.

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Build more intelligent security apps

Use the security API to streamline integration with security solutions from Microsoft and partners using one endpoint and one schema. SDKs and code samples in your preferred language make it easy to start.

Stream alerts to your SIEM

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems serve as the hub for security operations. Alerts from the security API are available for streaming through Azure Monitor in the same API schema.
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Build automated security workflows without writing code

Simplify security automation and reporting with connectors for Azure Logic Apps, Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, and PowerBI. Build playbooks to orchestrate security tasks across solutions—no code required.

Empower a security ecosystem

Partners can use the Security API to access and exchange security alerts, context, and threat intelligence, and enable actions across Microsoft and an ecosystem of connected security solutions.

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Microsoft logo
"The release of the Microsoft Graph Security API has completely changed our integration efforts."

-Microsoft Core Services Engineering and Operations (CSEO)

Microsoft partners using the security API

Blogs and announcements

Updates announced at RSAC 2019

See the new updates to the Microsoft Graph Security API announced at RSAC 2019.

Security API general availability

Announcing general availability of Microsoft Graph Security API.

Connectors now available

Introducing code-free options to connect with Microsoft Graph Security.

Anomali press release

Anomali collaborates with Microsoft to bring new security insights.

Palo Alto blog

Palo Alto and Microsoft help provide a more holistic view of security.

Demisto blog

Improved visibility, faster response with Demisto and the Microsoft Graph Security API.

Enabling connected security apps and workflows

1. Availability of mobile apps varies by country/region.