Featured Microsoft speakers at RSA

Brad Smith.

Brad Smith

  • President
  • The Price of Cyber Warfare
  • Join Brad Smith, President of Microsoft as he discusses how this new reality demands new solutions and ever greater responsibility from the tech sector, governments and users.

  • Watch live April 17th at 8:35 AM PDT
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Bret Arsenault.

Bret Arsenault

  • Corporate VP and CISO
  • Lisa Reshaur

  • Senior Director, Risk Management
  • Charting a Clear Course: Prioritizing Security Investments and Activities
  • Learn how you can succeed against a tidal wave of security information, responsibilities, and competing priorities.

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Rob Lefferts.

Rob Lefferts

  • Director, Enterprise and Security
  • Circle the Wagons! How All of Us Defenders Can Work Together
  • Find out how the volume and sophistication of today’s threats makes it difficult for an organisation to defend itself.

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Mark Russinovich.

Mark Russinovich

  • Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft Azure
  • Transfer Learning: Repurposing Microsoft’s Algorithmic Arsenal for Cloud Defense
  • Discover how you can save time and spur innovative solutions using machine learning algorithms as part of a modern cyberdefence strategy.

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Featured Microsoft sessions

The Rise of Confidential Computing

Mark Russinovich, CTO, Azure

Learn how to enable confidentiality and integrity of code and data by using Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs).

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Office 365 Security: Top Priorities for 30 Days, 90 Days, and Beyond

Mark Simos, Chief Security Advisor

Discover how to protect Office 365 tenants using a prescriptive approach to identify and implement the most critical security controls.

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Data Integrity: The Elephant Threat in the Room

  • Diana Kelley, Cybersecurity Field CTO
  • Lisa Lee, Executive Security Advisor

This panel will look at recent data breaches and threat model integrity attacks with grave consequences for our health, safety and politics.

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Adventures in Open Banking: Understanding OAuth and OpenID Client Ecosystems

Pamela Dingle, Director of Identity Standards

In this talk, Pam Dingle will unpack the thrills and chills of the standards profiles and security measures that form the OpenID Foundation’s UK Open Banking profile.

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Tech Scams: It’s Time to Release the Hounds

Erik Wahlstrom, Senior Program Manager

Go on the offensive against tech scams—such as social engineering attacks—that plague people worldwide.

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"No, You May Not Have a Pony" – The Art of the Possible in Secure IAM Design

Laura Hunter, Principal Program Manager

Build security and standards into identity and access management in this interactive panel discussion.

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The Unexpected Attack Vector: Software Updaters

Elia Florio, Principal Research Lead

Dive into malware incidents—including CCleaner, ShadowPad, and Medoc—that impacted millions of computers.

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Google and Microsoft Debut: Replacing Passwords with FIDO2 Authentication

David Bossio, Group Program Manager

In this panel, Google and Microsoft security team leaders will debut new authentication options based on FIDO2 and W3C standards.

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Watch Microsoft sessions from RSA 2018

Learn about the latest trends in the cyberthreat landscape—and how built-in tools such as machine learning can help you strengthen security.

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