Protect your sensitive information

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Keep your data protected wherever it’s stored and whenever it travels. Implement a comprehensive and integrated approach across devices, apps, cloud services, and on-premises.

Identify and understand your sensitive data

Discover sensitive information across a variety of locations including devices, apps, cloud services, and on-premises.
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Customize your Information Protection policies

Classify and label documents based on sensitivity levels you define. Easily configure protection actions such as encryption, access restrictions, and visual markings.

See how users access and share sensitive information

Gain visibility into how sensitive information is being used in cloud services. Revoke access to protected files. Monitor policy violations and risky behavior.
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Accelerate your path to compliance

Enhance your security and privacy posture to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other regulatory requirements.

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Customer Stories

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BP embraces Information Protection

“We see Azure Information Protection as a really easy way for our employees to classify information at the point of creation. We just need to make sure security is intuitive and easy to use.”

Abrona protects data for GDPR

Dutch healthcare organization Abrona uses Azure Information Protection to help achieve their compliance goals.

Stade de France keeps data secure

As the biggest stadium in France and host of the 2024 Olympics, Stade de France deploys solutions from Microsoft to help protect important company assets.
Nakilat logo

Nakilat balances security

Qatari shipping company Nakilat uses Microsoft Cloud App Security and Azure Information Protection to help protect sensitive information stored and shared in cloud services.

Information Protection solutions

Azure Information Protection

Learn how Azure Information Protection helps you classify, label, and protect your data.

Office 365 Information Protection

Office 365 data loss prevention is helping prevent accidental data leakage.

Windows Information Protection

Protect important business data on Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft Cloud App Security

Protect and control sensitive data in cloud apps.

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Cloud App Security documentation

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Protect your sensitive information