Strengthen your posture with tailored guidance

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Learn how to get visibility into your organization’s security, how to manage controls and policies, and how guidance can strengthen your security posture.

Understand your security posture

Our solutions provide you with alerts, reports, and dashboards to help you easily see problem areas in your environment and quickly tackle them.
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Implement consistent security controls

Customizable portals can help you easily access and manage your controls. Create policies to help define your security posture and provide users with different levels of access to security controls. 

Strengthen your security posture with intelligence

Microsoft solutions offer ongoing intelligence, actionable insights, and customized recommendations that enhance your organization’s security.
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Products solutions

Azure Security Center

Microsoft Secure Score

Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Center

Security Management customer stories

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“We are aggressively implementing the recommendations we see in the Secure Score dashboard. With Secure Score, we can see improvements over time—and demonstrate them to company leadership.”

- David J. Kueffner, Vice President of IT Infrastructure
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"Using Cloud App Security as a magnifying glass, we gain amazing visibility into our SaaS environment, giving us the confidence we need to deliver on our digital workplace transformation,”

Yasir Khan, Head of IT Infrastructure at Nakilat

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Security management key tenets

Learn how CISOs can efficiently manage security as attack methods become more sophisticated and complex. 
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Cyber resilience whitepaper

Get clear guidance on how organizations in any industry can build a cyber resilience plan and roadmap

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