Big Data

Bringing insights from big data to a billion users

Go from raw data to new insights. Store all data—structured, unstructured, and streaming, from inside and outside your organization. Empower business users to gain deep insights using familiar tools, such as Excel or Office 365, so they can make better decisions, faster.

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Webcast: From Data to Insights

With every photo upload, tweet, purchase, and GPS movement, data is created. Today, 85% of data is automatically generated by sensors and devices. This is the world of big data, and it can mean big results—if you have the tools to tame it.

Microsoft believes big data should be in the hands of the people closest to your business who are moments away from that next big idea. Our approach is simple—wed the power of 100% Apache Hadoop with your core databases and bring unstructured and structured data to life through rich 3D data visualizations with the tools that your business uses most.

With Microsoft’s big data solutions, you have the flexibility to deploy a Hadoop cluster in minutes in the cloud with HDInsight, or deploy on-premises with HDP on Windows from Hortonworks. Either way you are getting the same, core 100% Apache Hadoop solution that was co-developed by Hortonworks and Microsoft. With Polybase, you can then easily query and combine relational and non-relational data—using the same skills you use with SQL Server—to find new insights that are only revealed when disparate data sources are brought together. The final step is to bring that insight to every user in your organization using Excel and Power BI to create beautiful, powerful visualizations that tell stories with data and drive impact.


  • Store your data of all types and sizes at low cost
  • Get Hadoop with no hassle – deploy a 100% Apache-based Hadoop cluster on HDInsight in minutes or deploy on premises with HDP on Windows from Hortonworks
  • Discover new insights by combining relational and non-relational data with PolyBase, a feature of SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse
  • Easily analyze Hadoop data right within Microsoft Excel
  • Combine internal and external data using Power BI and make it easy to answer new types of questions
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