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Reinvent your business

Innovate faster on-premises

Intelligence and security are built into Microsoft SQL Server 2019. You get extras without extra cost, along with best-in-class performance and flexibility for your on-premises needs.

Accelerate your move to the cloud

Take advantage of the efficiency and agility of the cloud by easily migrating to the cloud without changing code. Unlock insights and make predictions faster with Azure.

Build intelligent apps

Develop using the technology of your choice, including open source, backed by Microsoft's innovations. Easily integrate data into your apps and use a rich set of cognitive services to build human-like intelligence across any scale of data.

Gain transformative insights

AI is native to the data platform—you can unlock insights faster from all your data, on-premises and in the cloud. Combine your unique enterprise data and the world's data to build an intelligence-driven organization.

Why use the Microsoft data platform

Fast and agile

Work with a flexible data platform that gives you a consistent experience across platforms and gets your innovations to market faster—you can build your apps and then deploy anywhere.

Built-in intelligence

The Microsoft data platform brings AI to your data so you gain deep knowledge about your business and customers like never before. Only Microsoft brings machine learning to database engines and to the edge, for faster predictions and better security.


Bring your business to scale while trusting that your security, performance, and availability needs are covered—with an industry-leading total cost of ownership.

The numbers speak for themselves


of the Fortune 100 use SQL Server


predictions/second using Machine Learning Services


transactions/day using Azure Cosmos DB


in performance benchmarks across TPC-E and TPC-H tests

See how companies use the Microsoft data platform to realize their potential

See why businesses trust the Microsoft data platform for their data

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