• Surface Pro 4 Type Cover

    Colour: Black

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Made for Surface Pro 4, our next-generation Type Cover feels and performs like a traditional laptop keyboard, with optimal key spacing for fast, fluid typing, and an enlarged glass trackpad for precision control.

Built for Surface.

Type Cover clicks in, taking Surface Pro 4 from a tablet to a laptop in an instant. Then, when closed, it shuts down your display to preserve battery life.

Tech specs

Dimensions 11.60" x 8.54" x 0.19" (295 mm x 217 mm x 4.9 mm)
Compatibility Works with Surface Pro 4 and Surface Pro 3
Keys Layout: QWERTY, full row of function keys (F1-F12) Dedicated buttons for Windows shortcuts, media controls and screen brightness Right click button
Weight 0.68 lbs (310 grams)
Interface Magnetic attachment
Sensors Accelerometer
Available colours1Black Blue
Warranty 1-year limited hardware warranty
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1 Colours vary by market. See retailer for available colours.