There are situations when trends, challenges and opportunities come all at once and almost overlap. Year 2020 is one of such moments and ENVISION FORUM was all about this. A unique virtual summit for all those who want to stay in the game and fully harness the potential of their business.

In this virtual conference world’s top business leaders talked about the possibilities of future development. A unique panel discussion MS Talks: SuperTalk presented by Nora Fridrichová offered a debate of business leaders with the respected economist Tomáš Sedláček about the present situation as well as about the latest trends in innovation.

In the second part you can virtually join Filip Horký to look at some examples of digital transformation in finance, retail, manufacturing, and state administration. And presented inspiring insights into digital business, factory of the future, and a digital office. Brett King, a renowned financier and futurist, guided guests through smart financial services demo.

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Virtual summit


Foundation Partners:

MS Talks Supertalk logo

MS Talks Supertalk logo

Our panel discussion MS Talks: Supertalk brought together business leaders and industry personas who shared their experiences with innovations and digital transformation in the context of present challenges and offered their personal perspectives on developing business potential. The panel was moderated by Nora Fridrichová and the panelists were:

Keynotes, Ms Talks: SuperTalk

Opening speech by Rudolf Urbánek & Roberto Libonati "We enable every company to realize its potential" moderated by Cedric Dumont

Keynote Transforming for the New Future of Work by Aleš Holeček (Microsoft)

Work today has undergone a seismic shift. Thriving in this new environment requires business leaders and their organizations to transform technically and culturally. In this keynote, learn the role of digital transformation in addressing the new world of remote work, the pillars of Microsoft’s digital transformation journey and how this approach is helping engage customers, transform services and empower employees.

Keynote Accelerate your business through cloud-first by Emma McGuigan (Accenture)

Digital transformation means cloud at scale and post-COVID market leadership requires every business to become a ‘cloud first’ business. Hear Emma McGuigan, Intelligent Platform Services Lead from Accenture, talk about transformational journeys we’re taking our clients on with Microsoft. She will share Accenture point-of-view on specific client business opportunities and share success stories that every company in Central Europe can take inspiration from.

Keynote Dare to Jump by Cedric Dumont (RedBull) & Philippe Rogge (Microsoft)

Excellence begins beyond your comfort zone

MS Talks: Supertalk panel discussion with Tomáš Sedláček and representatives from Microsoft, Accenture and T-Mobile moderated by Nora Fridrichová

Industry Insights - Tune in Omnichanel

Factory of the Future

Store of the Future

Government of the Future

Intelligent Financial Services