It's time to change what we think about securtiy

6 tips for educating your employees about IT security

Technology can help you protect your business, but it's not enough on its own. A malicious (or incompetent) employee, vendor or even client can bypass the best software security protections. Here's the bottom line: people are your biggest security weakness. But you can turn them into your greatest strength. The first step is to evaluate your cybersecurity and identify opportunities for further education:


1. Make it part of onboarding.

Develop a simple course that new employees can take when they join your company. You can use an exam or online assessment to encourage participation and benchmark their cybersecurity knowledge.

2. Give regular refresher courses.

Give everyone in the company an annual update about security, and have your IT department complete a cybersecurity assessment for your organisation. Benchmark everyone's performance to showcase improvements.

3. Share stories, research and examples.

The language of IT security can be dry and hard to engage with. Use stories and real-world examples from other organisations to make cybersecurity more personal and immediate.

4. Make it a CEO priority.

Senior management should show that they take security seriously by participating in cybersecurity courses and including security news in their regular communications.

5. Promote cybersecurity best practices.

Introduce a system, like Software Asset Management (SAM) to empower your IT department and make it easier for employees to comply with security protocols.

6. Learn from your mistakes.

Create a culture that encourages people to report problems, ask questions and be open about security issues.

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