5 mobility strategies one stylist uses to communicate on the go

Mellicia Marx, owner of the personal styling business Poplin Style Direction, is constantly on the go. On any given day, she could be at her co-working space, then headed to a client consultation, to a boutique to source clothes, and on and on. And all that could just be before lunch.

With mobile productivity being an important part of Melilicia’s success, we wanted to know how she stays engaged with clients when she’s always on the move. Here are five ways she manages mobility with style:

1. She maximizes “in between” time. Whether it’s just a few minutes when a client is running late, or a bigger gap of time that she knows she’ll have between appointments, Mellicia makes sure to utilize those spare minutes to connect with clients.

“I do 20 minute sessions [via cell phone] with clients that often take place from my car in between appointments. And just this morning a client sent me photos with two options for a job interview—I was able to respond quickly having arrived ten minutes early for an appointment.”

2. She’s specific about when to use what form of communication. With so many ways to reach people, Mellicia makes a point of being intentional about when and why she uses certain methods.

“When something is time sensitive, I text and ask that my clients do the same. Otherwise, we email. This keeps solid boundaries, but also ensures we’re connected in a timely fashion when that’s desired.”

3. She’s devoted to her calendar. A calendar is only as good as the people who are—or are not—using it, and Mellicia stresses the importance of being diligent about keeping it accurate. Especially if it’s shared, as hers is with her husband. “Use it, respect it, and update it immediately,” she says. Words to live by.

4. She uses a mix of old school and “new school” communication tools. As you might expect, Mellicia says she couldn’t live without her phone. “My calendar, the ability to upload client photos, texting, and emailing are the bread and butter of my essential client communications.” But that’s certainly not the extent of it. One old school communication type she swears by? “Cards. Believe it. I mail personalized cards to clients during the process, on their birthdays, and as a thank you for referrals.”

She also hosts events for clients to introduce them to retailers she loves. It gives her face-time with clients, and provides an extra value to them as a client, whether it be a discount at the store or extra styling help. Mellicia says “the business could not flourish” if she were limited to just one or two ways of staying in touch.

5. She utilizes the ability to work across devices. Being able to pick up on her desktop where she left off on her phone with business email allows Mellicia to be as efficient as possible, in whatever environment she’s in.

“I’m on the go most days, and a large number of clients and business contacts communicate via email. The ability to respond via my phone, laptop, or tablet means that I can be responsive no matter where I am—and even if I only have a small amount of time.”

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