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Power BI insights. Microsoft 365 productivity.

Get the business intelligence data you need from Power BI through the Microsoft 365 apps you use every day.

Explore how Microsoft 365 works seamlessly with Power BI

  • Collaborate on interactive Power BI content that is always available. Add interactive reports directly to conversations in your channels to spend less time searching for them and more time using them. Get easy access to the reports you need when you add the Power BI app to your Teams navigation bar. Make decisions faster—view and collaborate on metrics as a team and track them against key business objectives.
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  • Get broad data analytics and visualization capabilities when you combine Excel with Power BI. Use the Excel skills you already have to analyze live Power BI data in Excel desktop or web. View which users are connecting to Power BI data from Excel using the Power BI activity log. Create Power BI reports from your existing Excel workbooks and instantly see the right data.
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  • Embed interactive Power BI reports in SharePoint Online pages for easy accessibility. Stay up to date on what’s important by surfacing data visualizations in regularly accessed locations. Customize the look and feel of your reports to suit everyone’s needs. Reduce the need for local files that can get lost or damaged—store your Power BI reports in an online document library.
  • Provide clarity and improve storytelling with data by adding interactive Power BI reports to your PowerPoint presentations. Move seamlessly from your slide deck to Power BI and dive deeper into analytics when needed. Embed a live version of your report page in PowerPoint to interact with the latest data just as you would in Power BI. Toggle to freeze reports and ensure everyone sees the same insight.
  • Share your data story and gain stakeholder agreement faster by using Power BI in Outlook. Find and add Power BI content to email as adaptive cards so everyone has the same context. Improve efficiency by searching for and including reports in an email while you are composing it. Build reports and dashboards quickly using Power BI directly in Outlook.
  • Control the visibility of your data with Microsoft Purview Information Protection and Defender for Cloud Apps. Apply published sensitivity labels in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook Office apps. Extend protection and governance policies to exported Power BI data. Meet privacy and regulatory requirements with visual markings for sensitive data. Help prevent exposure of sensitive data by blocking risky user activities in real time.

The intersection of business intelligence and productivity

Access insights when you need them

Get the data insights you need right inside the Microsoft 365 tools you use every day—without switching applications.

Help protect your exported BI data

Safeguard your data with protection that persists when it’s exported to other formats, such as Excel or PDF.

Find answers quickly

If you are familiar with Excel, you’ll easily start analyzing live Power BI data and creating reports.

See how customers bring together Power BI and Microsoft 365

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