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Defender for DevOps is now in public preview

To preview the new features, start a free trial if you’re a new customer or activate them in the Azure portal if you're an existing Defender for Cloud customer.

Accelerate multiple-pipeline DevOps security

Empower security teams with unified DevOps security management across multicloud and multiple-pipeline environments.

Unify visibility of DevOps security posture

Minimize blind spots by enabling a single pane of glass to surface DevOps security posture insights across multiple DevOps platforms.

Strengthen cloud resource configurations in code

Keep security teams focused on emerging threats by reducing security issues reaching production environments.

Get context-driven remediation guidance for code fixes

Integrate security intelligence and comprehensive code-to-cloud context for quicker remediation in code.

See how Defender for DevOps helps security admins unify, strengthen, and manage multi-pipeline security

Defender for DevOps capabilities

A dashboard in Defender for DevOps.

Surface DevOps security posture insights in a single console

Give security admins full visibility into the security posture of preproduction application code, and resource configurations across GitHub, Azure DevOps and multicloud environments.

A list of environment settings in Defender for DevOps.

Automatically discover your DevOps inventory

View your organization’s entire DevOps inventory to automatically discover rogue codebases across GitHub and Azure DevOps.

A medium severity recommendation and details in Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

Help secure cloud infrastructure in code

Enable security of infrastructure-as-code (IaC) templates and container images to minimize cloud misconfigurations reaching production environments.

A security overview with configuration settings open in Defender for DevOps.

Prioritize remediation of critical issues in code

Utilize deep threat landscape context to help developers prioritize critical code fixes with actionable feedback and assign developer ownership by triggering custom workflows that feed directly into the tools developers use and love.

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Defender for DevOps architecture

Security teams struggle with fragmented visibility, lack of business risk context, and integrated processes to effectively shift left. Defender for DevOps helps unify, strengthen, and manage DevOps security from development to runtime within Defender for Cloud.

Get comprehensive cloud security

Safeguard your resources across multicloud and hybrid environments. Learn more about how Microsoft Defender for Cloud, Microsoft Entra Permissions Management, Azure Network Security, GitHub Advanced Security, and Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management work together to provide comprehensive cloud security.

Integrated threat protection with SIEM and XDR

Combine the breadth of a security information and event management (SIEM) solution with the depth of extended detection and response (XDR) to fight against attacks that take advantage of today’s diverse multicloud, multiple-platform environments. Microsoft Defender for Cloud is a key component of the SIEM and XDR solution from Microsoft.

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Documentation and training for Microsoft Defender for DevOps

Technical documentation

Defender for DevOps configurations

Explore technical documentation for configuring Defender for DevOps.

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Microsoft Defender for Cloud Tech Community

Access hundreds of resources to learn and share best practices in the Defender for Cloud Tech Community.

Interactive guide

Microsoft Defender for Cloud key scenarios

Explore cloud security posture management, cloud workload protection, and development security operation scenarios.


Microsoft Defender for Cloud datasheet

Strengthen your security posture, enable protection against modern threats, and help develop secure applications.

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