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Microsoft Security

Strengthen your security posture

Use intelligent insights and guidance to strengthen your organization’s security posture with Microsoft Secure Score.


Assess your current security posture and identify potential improvements across all your Microsoft 365 workloads with centralized visibility from Secure Score.

Microsoft Secure Score

Get visibility, insights, and guidance to maximize your security posture.

Enterprise-wide visibility

Assess your organization’s security posture across its entire digital estate.

Intelligent guidance

Identify where to improve your security posture using threat-prioritized insights and guidance.

Comprehensive controls

Improve your security posture with a comprehensive set of controls.

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Assess your security posture

Assess the state of your security posture across identity, devices, information, apps, and infrastructure. Benchmark your organization’s status over time and compare it to other organizations.

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Identify areas to improve and create a plan

Evaluate each recommendation using embedded guidance to determine which vectors of attack are a priority and how they can be mitigated. Add improvement actions to your posture improvement plan.

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Drive posture improvements into production

Determine potential user impact and the procedures necessary to implement each recommendation in your environment.

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Report improvements to leadership

Use historical reports to track and maintain progress, identify regressions, and report to leadership teams. Using measurable data, clearly demonstrate the progress you’re making to better secure your environment.

Get the best cyberinsurance

Help protect your organization against cyberattacks with a good security posture and cyberinsurance. Participating insurers now use Microsoft Secure Score to provide posture-based rates to small and medium-sized businesses.

Webber Wentzel

“The partnership with our internal and external clients to codify and show the outcome of our Secure Score trends are important. Our ability to demonstrate our trajectory is one of the most powerful ways to generate trust.”

— Warren Hero, Chief Information Officer, Webber Wentzel


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