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Remove physical limitations and enable learning from anywhere with Microsoft solutions for Education.

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Take the classroom with you

Microsoft Education provides you with all the essential tools to enable and enhance remote learning experiences for your students.

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Get started with Microsoft Teams for remote learning

Check out these resources to determine the best practices in implementing a remote learning program for your school.

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New Microsoft Teams features to support the future of global education

Discover new Microsoft Teams features that can help teachers improve the learning experience and promote student engagement in the new normal.

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Remote teaching and learning in Office 365 Education

Get to know the best way to set up an online classroom to foster effective teaching and learning.

School Leaders Guide to Online Learning

Need to shift to online learning but not sure where to start? This 5-day guide can help you and your team implement a secure and inclusive online learning environment for your entire school. 

9 tips to make your remote lesson a success

Get tips on how to make your virtual lessons compelling from computer science educator, distance learning practitioner, and author, Koens Timmers.

Supporting students & staff in a remote environment

New to remote learning? Learn strategies and best practices that can help your school implement a successful remote learning program.

For Parents and Guardians

We’ve compiled a couple of resources for you so you can fully support your children’s distance education and easily transform your home into the perfect learning environment.

Family Learning Center

Want your kids to learn new things while at home? Our Family Learning Center has a variety of activities for kids from 3 to 12 years old, ranging from educational videos to lessons in art and coding.

Things to Ask your Child’s School

About to go on the home-based learning journey? Here are some things you need to know before you start.

Homeschool Challenge: Keeping track of schoolwork

Is your child feeling overwhelmed with the deluge of schoolwork? Teach him to prioritize with these useful tools.

Tips for the Newly Homeschooling Parent or Guardian

Overcome the challenges of facilitating home-based learning with these easy to follow tips.

Join our Webinars and Podcasts

Learn how Microsoft solutions can help your school extend learning beyond the classroom walls.

Easy Device Management with Intune for Education

Join Amit Pawar, Microsoft Education Solutions Specialist – Devices and Platform,  and learn how Intune can facilitate deployment and device management.

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Creating Virtual Classrooms featuring Matthew Jorgensen

Find out how Saint Stephen’s College in Australia is utilizing Microsoft Teams to create a virtual classroom from their director of eLearning, Matthew Jorgensen.

A Learning Platform for the New Normal

Discover how LP+ Edu Solutions can make Office 365 more accessible to teachers so they can use it in the classroom & get their students to use it as well.

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Improving workplace preparedness in your institute

Powered by InPlace Employability Solutions
Learn how InPlace Software helps schools create learning curriculums that ensure the delivery of the best possible opportunities for students to practice what they learn and increase employability.

For more webinars, please visit aka.ms/TeamsForEDUWebinars.

Customer Stories

Witness how online classrooms through Microsoft tools made an impact in the learning experience of students.

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Newmark Education delivers remote instruction with built-in accessibility tools

Find out how these New Jersey schools used Microsoft Teams to improve learning outcomes for all types of learners before and after transitioning to distance learning.

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Hong Kong educator utilizes Microsoft tools for remote learning

Discover how an educator from St. Hilary’s Primary School Hong Kong implemented remote learning to keep classes going during area-wide school closures.

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University of South Florida turns to Teams for a unified remote experience

Want know how to keep your students connected and engaged while learning apart? Get useful insights from the University of South Florida.

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O’Dea High School leads the way on remote learning

Learn how a Catholic school in Seattle was able to seamlessly transition to remote learning through various education technologies and and strategies.

Additional Resources

Explore these resources to learn how you can utilize Microsoft education tools for your virtual classroom.

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Fostering a Dynamic Remote Learning Environment

Transform your pedagogy and teach more effectively in an online environment by going through this 3-course learning path from Microsoft Educator Center.

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Microsoft Teams: a lifeline for remote learning

For Rhode Island Changemaker, Luis Oliveira, Microsoft Teams has been a lifesaver that kept people connected, helping them adapt and adjust to learning in today’s new normal.

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Effective & engaging remote learning with Microsoft Education Tools

Here are some tips & tricks from expert educators on how to effectively adopt a remote learning setup for your class.

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Introducing Microsoft Remote Learning Community

Join our growing online community to find resources and share personal experiences on effectively implementing remote learning.

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Boost Engagement and Foster Connection during remote learning with Flipgrid

Find out how educators around the world are using Flipgrid to enhance the learning experience of remote learners.

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Developing Students’ Social and Emotional Skills during Remote Learning

Social and emotional learning is just as important as academic learning, especially in a remote environment. Read this article to learn how you can incorporate SEL when facilitating your online classes.

Microsoft Education Resources

Explore learning paths and resources created for IT Admins, Developers and Microsoft Education Partners.

APAC Education: Ask the Expert

Post questions, follow discussions and share your insights with the Microsoft Community.

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