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Learn new things from the #EduTechTalks Podcast

Discover the latest trends in education technology and get best practices from across the Asia Pacific region with our academic IT experts, Amit Pawar and Sam McNeill.

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Episode 8: Uncovering the Story Behind Education Data with Jake Wills

Discover how schools are  adopting a data-driven culture and using data to improve learning outcomes. 

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Episode 9: Simplify Classroom Management with School Data Sync

Listen as our Edutechtalks podcasters talk about Microsoft School Data Sync, a productivity tool that helps manage and use all the school information efficiently.

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Episode 10: Leveraging Microsoft Teams to Enable Virtual Classrooms

Find out how Microsoft Teams for Education, a digital hub for teachers and students, provides St. Stephen’s College in West Australia with a blended learning environment that facilitates online learning.


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Easy Device Management with Intune for Education​

Join Amit Pawar, Microsoft Education Solutions Specialist – Devices and Platform, and learn how Intune can facilitate deployment and device management.

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Deploying Office 365 Education​

Discover best practices in deploying and managing Office 365 Education with Lalit Mohan, Microsoft's Solutions Specialist for Public Sector.

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Explore these resources to effectively utilise technology to transform your campus, enable better collaboration, and improve the learning environment.

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The New Microsoft Edge: Ready for the Virtual Classroom

Discover the new Microsoft Edge’s built-in learning tools that provide a simpler, secure, and more accessible online learning experience.

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Monitor Students’ Digital Well-Being with Gaggle on Microsoft Teams

Identify and flag concerning behavior in student conversations in Teams through Gaggle's Safety Management feature.

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What’s New with Microsoft Teams

Check out the updated features of Microsoft Teams and find out what else we’ll be launching soon.

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Education Reimagined: The Future of Learning

Explore the now, the near, and the next in the changing landscape of education, and discover the role of technology in hybrid learning.

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