Explore the features of Windows 10

Empowering the students of today to create the world of tomorrow with fast and hardworking features, and new ways to interact with your computer—Windows 10 can help you be efficient and effective.


New apps for the classroom

Discover the latest free and low-cost apps to engage your students across every subject - from STEM to storytelling.


Personalised learning and creativity

Empower students of all abilities with personalised learning tools.

  • Microsoft Learning Tools

    Improve comprehension, reading speed, and writing with Microsoft Learning Tools. Implement proven techniques with easy to use features that reduce visual crowding, highlight text, break words into syllables, read text aloud, and provide visual references.

  • Microsoft Photos App

    With video storytelling in the classroom, students elevate their academic performance, boosting skills in knowledge construction and creative communication.

  • Paint 3D

    Students can experience and create amazing things in a new dimension. 3D drives deeper understanding of challenging concepts, an increase in attention span, and a higher engagement level.

  • Onscreen Eye Control

    Eye Control makes Windows 10 more accessible by empowering everyone to operate an onscreen mouse, keyboard, and text-to-speech experience using only their eyes.

Productivity in the classroom

Give teachers more time to help each student succeed.

  • Microsoft Whiteboard

    Create the space for interactive learning. Microsoft Whiteboard is a collaborative, digital whiteboard that makes it easy for your class to come together to share ideas in real time.

  • Nearby Sharing

    Students and teachers will love how easy it is to share photos, webpages and documents wirelessly to a nearby computer.

  • Focus Assist for school hours

    Set school hours on your PC when you want to be more productive and keep reminder notifications from distracting you.

  • Take a Test Digital Assessments

    Take a Test helps schools get more out of digital assessments by making testing easier, more trustworthy, and more flexible.

Always secure and up-to-date

Empower students of all abilities with personalised learning tools.

  • Windows Hello sign-in

    Windows Hello is the password-free sign-in that gives you the fastest, most secure way to unlock your Windows devices using facial recognition, fingerprint, or companion devices.

  • Simple School PC Setup

    A PC that’s always classroom-ready with the ability to quickly reset devices, so they are prepared when students need them.

  • Windows Autopilot

    With Windows Autopilot, you can quickly transform a brand new device into a classroom-ready state—or reset existing devices to remove apps, settings and personal files—without physically having to touch the device.

  • Windows 10 Pro in S-mode

    Windows 10 Pro in S mode has been designed with schools in mind. S mode offers the same features with added security, faster performance and flexibility.

The best way to experience Windows 10

The right technology provides tools for personalised learning that accommodates different learning styles, facilitates both independent and collaborative work, and encourages student achievements in critical competencies. Enable personalised learning at scale with affordable, easy to manage devices that save time and put students at the centre of their own learning.