VP59 phone for Microsoft Teams

VP59 for Microsoft Teams


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Superior video performance

The full HD phone camera is plug-and-play and can be extended 10 feet (three meters) by a USB cable or added to the top of a monitor with a bracket to bring flexibility in the choice of camera location and video meeting view. The HDMI connection extends the users’ video experience to a larger screen, all while delivering a smooth and high-quality video experience.

Excellent audio performance

Connect to wireless microphones and cover an open workspace. The built-in noise-proof technology makes video conferencing more effective than ever.

User experience with low learning cost

Minimal cables connect the devices and keep workspaces orderly. The large touch-screen and a familiar user experience make it easier than ever to start collaborating with a low learning curve.

Optional EXP50 expansion

With the 4.3-inch color screen, the Yealink EXP50 expansion module is intended to bring a fresh visual experience and an easy operating experience to you. Its new design for the stand enables you to adjust between two lying angles easily even without disassembling it.