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Collaborate as one team across boundaries

Drive your business forward by working more securely with anyone across your organizational or IT boundaries.

The future of collaboration

How organizations communicate and collaborate is changing rapidly. Collaboration among teams goes beyond traditional boundaries, accommodating an increasingly blended and dispersed workforce.

Productivity takes teamwork

Fifty-five percent of all collaboration is with external business partners, according to IT industry executives surveyed by Microsoft.

Organizational structures are dynamic

Mergers and acquisitions, geographic expansion, and joint ventures are on the rise, changing how employees within growing organizations work together.

Bring digital transformation to all

Sixty-five percent of IT industry executives surveyed by Microsoft identify security and compliance as their greatest challenges when introducing technology to frontline workers.

Sandefjord Kommune.

After the merger of two Norwegian municipalities, Sandefjord Kommune adopted a new platform to drive digital classrooms and enable seamless communication This helped students, teachers, nurses, and municipal employees to collaborate more effectively.

Why is collaboration important?

Teams today span across functions, roles, and even organizations. Collaboration must remain frictionless and secure while ensuring that IT boundaries do not limit productivity.

Modern identity infrastructure in Azure AD

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) provides tools and resources that help seamlessly and securely bridge the gap between internal and external collaboration.

Seamless cross-boundary collaboration

Azure AD helps foster secure collaboration and teamwork inside or outside your organization or IT boundaries.

Multitenant organizations

Manage identities and collaboration within multitenant organizations.

Azure AD External Identities

Help securely manage external users, including your customers and partners.

Frontline worker identity

Centralize visibility and management of your frontline workers, devices, and apps.

Take a deep dive into Azure AD

Additional resources

Collaborate with business partners

External users contribute to the success of your organization. Collaboration between your employees, contractors, suppliers, and distributors sustains your organization’s productivity and growth.

Empower frontline workers

Over 2 billion people worldwide are frontline workers. They help move your businesses forward by interacting with customers, handling new products, and executing organizational strategies.