Microsoft K12 Education Transformation Framework

An effective, flexible platform for education transformation grounded by research from academics, experts, and policy makers.

Technology blueprint

A reliable, responsive and data-driven technology environment empowering teachers, learners and administrators to achieve more every day in the modern classroom.

What does the technology blueprint for transformation look like?

Easy access to the data needed to gauge and improve academic and administrative performance.

How can we work toward it?

To achieve system-wide transformation, you need a stable technology environment where teaching and learning becomes organic.

What's technology blueprint all about?

Operations & IT management

Collaborative learning platform

Data driven insight

Devices for learning

Stable campus-wide highspeed network access is just the start. Applications and devices also play a critical role in success.

Operations & IT management

Agile, flexible and responsive environments are created with a platform and applications that serve the needs of every educational system or institution. With the right solutions, teachers can transform time to deepen personalized learning and develop students’ social and emotional skills.

Collaboration is a key skill in many education systems. Collaborative students are more likely to improve skills in other areas like mathematics.

Collaborative learning platform

Modern teaching and learning is enabled by bringing together students, teachers and the wider community. The right platform connects people, learning activities, content, and insights all in one place.

Organizations that use data – rather than hierarchy – to inform decisions are more successful in reaching their aims.

Data driven insight

Data insights provide guidance for education system improvements and visibility into the progress of teaching, learning and administration within and across classrooms and schools.

Offering students multi-modal learning through voice, touch and digital ink increases their ability to retain information and generate new ideas.

Devices for learning

The best devices provide superior value and support for learning. They can run real-world software, preparing students for life beyond school.

Technology blueprint resources

Quick start guide

A simple introduction to the technology blueprint and how it can be enabled by technology.

Let’s Get Started

Microsoft 365 in the classroom

A Forrester Consulting study found that teachers reclaimed 200+ hours – providing more time for engaging students.

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Empowered teachers & students

Using cloud technologies and analytics can help educators collaborate and tailor experiences for students.

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A showcase school

Bear Creek Middle School’s learning outcomes improved with the help of OneNote Class Notebooks and Office 365.

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