Academic research

Academic research is among one of the most important endeavours in today’s changing world and it as the core of leading education institutions.

All researchers need a cloud platform that is open, flexible, fast, cost-effective, scalable, efficient, and responsive. Microsoft Azure offers access to on-demand research scenarios with virtually unlimited computing to help accelerate discovery.

Microsoft and our partners offer solutions that help researchers:

Analyse data with powerful on-demand cloud computing Expand Collapse

  • Achieve more with big data
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Benefit from on-demand availability

Explore insights, visualisations, and data sources Expand Collapse

  • Gain insight from analytics
  • Visualise data with powerful business intelligence (BI) tools
  • Integrate multiple data sources

Share resources, workloads, and expertise Expand Collapse

  • Maximise collaborative research
  • Pool resources and combine expertise
  • Distribute workloads efficiently

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School stories

  • Virginia Tech researchers advance medical treatments by using the cloud to analyse genomes.

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  • University of Texas researchers collaborate via Microsoft Azure and Cortana Intelligence to calculate flood predictions and prevent disasters.

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  • University of Bristol medical students enhance research with Microsoft Surface Hub's global collaboration tools.

  • Researchers at Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil and Microsoft use Microsoft Azure to analyse data in real-time to predict traffic congestion with 90% accuracy.

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Microsoft Azure resources

Microsoft Azure's powerful tools for research and education help academic institutions achieve their goals.

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