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Best Practices

a Best Practices book cover

Software engineers, development managers and others.

Proven software engineering practices from leading industry practitioners.

Emphasis on methodology rather than on specific development tools. Pragmatic approaches to real-world challenges.

Best practices books

Professional Developer

a Professional Developer book cover

Intermediate- to advanced-level developers responsible for writing, debugging, testing, deploying and maintaining code.

Core topics and essential techniques for professional developers.

Essential “working developer” reference. Broad coverage. Peer-to-peer approach. Practical coding insights.

Professional developer books

Developer Step by Step

a Developer Step by Step book cover

Experienced programmers new to a particular technology, version or topic. Not for beginners.

Hands-on, step-by-step guide to fundamental tools and techniques.

Learning methodology is sequential; lessons and chapters build on each other. Hands-on exercises with ready-made practice files.

Developer Step by Step books

Exam Ref

an Exam Ref book cover

IT professionals and developers preparing for Microsoft Certification exams.

Official Microsoft exam reference, focusing on the critical skills and knowledge measured by a certification exam.

Organised by exam objectives. Features full objective overviews, exam tips, notes and "thought experiments".

Exam Ref books

Inside Out

an Inside Out book cover

Intermediate to advanced users who want to dig deep and take their expertise to the next level.

Beyond-the-basics information that dives right into higher level topics and tasks.

Ultimate in-depth reference, supremely organised and packed with time-saving solutions, troubleshooting tips and expert advice.

Inside Out books

MOS Study Guide

a MOS Study Guide book cover

Experienced users of Microsoft technologies preparing for MOS certification.

Provides in-depth prep for all MOS exam objectives.

Organised by exam objective, with procedures and hands-on tasks to reinforce and practice skills measured by the exam.

MOS Study Guides

Plain & Simple

a Plain & Simple book cover

Designed for those who prefer an easy, visual approach to learning everyday tasks.

Broad coverage of core topics and everyday tasks.

Full colour, with easy-to-follow steps and screen shots that show users what to do.

Plain & Simple books

Pocket Consultant

a Pocket Consultant book cover

General- to intermediate-level skills and experience.

Concise how-to and problem-solving information, with a focus on tasks, not concepts.

Portable, pocket-sized and organised for quick reference. Features easy-scan tables, lists and instructions to help you get the job done.

Pocket Consultant books

Step by Step

a Step by Step book cover

Novice and intermediate users who like to learn through lessons and exercises.

Practical, fundamental skills for core software features.

Tutorial. Builds hands-on skills, with easy, numbered steps and ready-made practice files.

Step by Step books

Training Guide

a Training Guide book cover

IT professionals and developers.

Comprehensive hands-on training to develop real-world, job-specific skills.

Builds hands-on expertise through a series of lessons, exercises and suggested practices. Helps maximise performance on the job. Can be used to supplement certification exam preparation.

Training Guide books
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