Introducing Microsoft badges

Now that you have passed an exam or earned a new certification, let the world know about your achievement! Microsoft is partnering with Acclaim to award badges for your certifications.

Since October 21, 2016,Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) who have achieved certain certifications or have passed select exams have received emails from Acclaim with details on how to claim their badges and how to use them to explore opportunities for career advancement. Effective 18 November 2016, Microsoft Technology Associates (MTAs) will also receive notification emails from Acclaim.

Why is Microsoft offering badges?

Microsoft wants to provide you with the tools you need to move forward in your career. Your digital badge allows you to easily share the details of your skills in a way that is trusted and verifiable.

Your Microsoft badge empowers you to:

  • Easily share your certification online with your professional network.
  • Find out which employers are looking for individuals with your skills.
  • Discover what kind of salary you could expect to earn in a job that requires your Microsoft skills.
  • Search for new job opportunities associated with your certification and apply in just a few clicks.

What is a digital badge?

Badges are web-enabled representations of your Microsoft certifications. Your digital badge is made of an image and metadata uniquely linked to you. This ensures that only you can take credit for your achievement.

You can share your digital badge on popular online destinations, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. It can also be embedded in a CV, your personal website or an email signature. Anyone who views your badge can select it to learn more about your skills and to verify its authenticity.

Am I eligible for a badge?

MCPs who pass the exams or achieve the certifications on the following list, on or after 21 October 2016, will receive badges. Beginning 11 November 2016, badges will be retroactively issued to those who passed the exams or achieved the certifications prior to 21 October 2016, beginning with certifications that are still active. MTAs will begin receiving badge notifications on 18 November 2016.

The following subsets of exams and certifications are part of the pilot badge program. Additional badges are being evaluated for 2017. More information will be available in the January update.

MTA example badge
MCSA example badge
Exam example badge

What is the process for claiming a badge?

Claiming your Microsoft badge is very simple. After you’ve achieved a certification or passed an exam, you receive an automated email from Microsoft with general details about the Microsoft certification program. This is automatically followed up with an email notification from Acclaim. To claim your badge:

  1. Select the link in your Acclaim email notification.
  2. Create an account on Acclaim.
  3. Acclaim will send you a confirmation email.
  4. To confirm your account and claim your badge, select the link in that email.

Take advantage of the features that Acclaim offers:

  • Share your badge to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Download your badge image and URL to embed in a CV, website or email signature.
  • Personalise your profile.
  • Explore insights into the job market and job opportunities.

Your digital badge is one more way that Microsoft supports the development and recognition of your professional skills. Take advantage of this new program to help accelerate your career growth.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a cost associated with claiming, managing or sharing my Microsoft badge?

No, there is no cost associated with claiming, managing or sharing your Microsoft badge. This is a free service that Microsoft provides.

How is my credential displayed as a Microsoft badge?

The badging platform, Acclaim, uses the Open Badges standards defined by Mozilla to translate your credential into a digital image associated with metadata uniquely connected to you. This standard allows you to easily share your digital badge online in a way that can be verified by employers and professional peers.

When and how can I claim my badge?

You can claim your badge at any time. You can access your badge through any of the badge notifications or reminders sent by Acclaim. If you delete those emails, you can create an account on the Acclaim site, using the same email address that Microsoft has on file for you. Your badge will be waiting in your account. Please note that Microsoft may terminate this digital badging program at any time.

I have earned multiple Microsoft badges. Do I need to manually claim every badge that I am issued?

No, you do not need to manually claim every badge. You can adjust the settings in your Acclaim account to automatically accept badges issued to you.

What if I do not want my Microsoft badge to be made public?

You are in control of how and when your badge is made public. You can adjust the settings in your Acclaim account to make your profile and badges private. You are not required to accept to your badges and may disregard the notification emails from Acclaim if you do not wish to participate in the Microsoft badge program.

What is Acclaim?

Acclaim is an independent badging platform owned by our test-delivery partner, Pearson VUE. Acclaim provides a way to manage, share and verify your Microsoft Certifications. The platform also provides you with insights into the job market that can help you explore job opportunities that are available as a result of your skills. Learn more about Acclaim.

If I have questions about my Microsoft badge, whom can I contact?

If you believe you are eligible for a badge but have not received any information about it, contact yourRegional Service Center (RSC). If you have any questions about the Acclaim platform or about how to claim your badge, contact Acclaim support.