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Reality and the spirit world are now intertwined: defeat the armies of Chaos to save the people of the Kingdom of Midra from demonic invaders. Rogue Spirit is a 3D rogue-lite action game with light stealth elements. Play as the Ghost of the Prince of the Kingdom of Midra, possess enemy characters and absorb their unique skills to fight the evil presence that has corrupted your land. Passing through your kingdom's villages, forests and marshes, you'll have to defeat and possess your foes to acquire their skills and adapt your combat style to different circumstances. Each defeated enemy is an opportunity for a body with a greater chance of survival. Features: • Action game with stealth elements in a rogue-like game loop • Possess the enemies you fight with and absorb their combat features to go on in the battle at your best • Master different characters' playstyles, improve your skills, and adapt to an ever-changing world • Explore the wonderful Kingdom of Midra and learn its legends and lore • 18 characters with different abilities, weapons, and playstyles • 10 procedurally generated levels set in 5 different biomes • Dozens of essences and skills to make each run different • Unlock permanent upgrades between runs • Secrets and bosses are waiting for you • 3D graphics inspired by traditional Asian designs


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Published by

505 Games

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Kids With Sticks

Age rating

For ages 7 and up


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