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with annual commitment
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Securely run and grow your business

An integrated solution designed for your small or medium-sized business, bringing together the best-in-class productivity of Office 365 with advanced security capabilities to safeguard your data from external threats and help protect against data leaks. With Microsoft 365 Business, you can empower your employees to be productive from anywhere on any device.

All features

  • Office logo
    Comes with Office
    Stay up-to-date with the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.
  • Clouds
    File storage
    Manage your files from anywhere with 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage
  • security lock cyberthreat icon glyph m365
    Cyberthreat protection
    Guard against unsafe attachments, suspicious links, and other malware
  • Envelope icon and calendar icon
    Email and calendaring
    Connect with customers and coworkers using Outlook and Exchange
  • Shield with check safety icon glyph m365
    Safest Windows ever
    Get upgraded to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 Pro
  • Rocket deploy icon glyph m365
    Administration and deployment
    Manage new PCs and devices faster and more easily than ever

Microsoft 365 Business

Top Questions

Microsoft 365 Business was purpose-built for small and medium-sized businesses under 300 users and need a solution that provides their employees with the best-in-class productivity and collaboration capabilities of Office 365 and device management and security solutions to safeguard business data and assets across devices.

Microsoft has a variety of productivity and security management offerings that small to medium-sized customers may consider when upgrading their desktop and device infrastructure, each bringing increasingly powerful features and functionality.

Office 365 Business Premium delivers best-in-class productivity with Office 365 apps and services but does not include the application protection and device management capabilities of Microsoft 365 Business.

Microsoft 365 Business combines Office 365 apps and services with mobile application management to enable remote management and help protect devices against viruses and malware. It includes a simplified management console through which device and data policies may be administered. Many small to medium-sized businesses can be best served with Microsoft 365 Business.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise is a set of licensing plans that offer increased levels of compliance and security management over Microsoft 365 Business and are designed for enterprise customers and those customers that have over 300 users. In addition, Microsoft 365 Enterprise plans provide additional business intelligence and analytics functionality.

Customers who wish to run Microsoft 365 Business in their organization must be running Windows 10 Pro* on their desktops. Current Windows 10 Pro PCs should be running Creators Update if they have not already done so.

*Windows 10 Pro upgrade rights are included with Microsoft 365 Business if the target machines are presently running Windows 7, 8, or 8.1.

Partner-assisted deployment is the recommended way to deploy Microsoft 365 Business. Contact your Microsoft partner and ask them if they are offering Microsoft 365 Business. Your partner is well-equipped to help you understand your options and make the best recommendations for deploying Microsoft 365 Business in your organization. If you do not have a Microsoft partner, you can find one here.

Yes, customers can combine their Microsoft 365 Business subscriptions with plans and add-ons from Azure, Dynamics 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security and Office 365.

No, not everyone needs a Microsoft 365 Business subscription, although the security and management benefits are available only to those users with devices managed with a Microsoft 365 Business subscription.

Standardizing an IT environment serves to help reduce maintenance and security costs over time and is a state that businesses should strive to attain. However, we recognize that some small and medium size customers update their software primarily when they upgrade their hardware, over an extended period. Businesses can deploy Microsoft 365 Business to part of their organization, but for best protection of sensitive business data and consistent collaboration experiences, deployment to all users is recommended.

If the hardware you run today runs Windows 7 Pro or later, it likely meets the minimum requirements for Microsoft 365 Business. Certain Windows 10 features such as Cortana, Windows Hello, and multitouch require specific hardware that is only available on newer PCs. See the Windows 10 Pro system requirements for additional details.

Existing desktop (Win32) application compatibility is strong in Windows 10, with most existing applications working without any changes. Customers and their trusted IT advisors should read the recommended application testing process for Windows 10 compatibility and review the Office system requirements to ensure a smooth transition to Microsoft 365 Business.

Windows 10 Business is a set of cloud-services and device management capabilities that complement Windows 10 Pro and enable the centralized management and security controls of Microsoft 365 Business. Windows 10 Business also comes with Windows AutoPilot, a service that streamlines the deployment of new Windows 10 PCs. If you have devices that are licensed for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 Professional, Microsoft 365 Business provides an upgrade to Windows 10 Pro which is the prerequisite for deploying Windows 10 Business.

Yes, customers may switch their plans from a qualifying Office 365 plan to Microsoft 365 Business. Depending on the customer's current plan there may be a decrease or increase in monthly charges.