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Create professional diagrams

With Visio it is easy to create professional diagrams. A simple Getting Started experience offers dozens of pre-crafted starter diagrams and contextual tips and tricks to help you quickly create and edit diagrams.

Link your shapes and diagrams in Visio to real-time data from popular data sources to visualise information using Visio’s out-of-the-box data graphics. Visio also integrates with Power BI to let you add real-world visualisations to your dashboards.1

Integrated communication tools, such as in-app comments and shape-specific comments help streamline collaboration. With Visio Online, team members can use their favourite browsers or even Microsoft Teams to view and edit diagrams anytime, anywhere.1

Create, collaborate, communicate

  • Visio Online Plan 2

    Versatile and flexible

    Get started easily with ready-made templates, themes, and 250,000 shapes in the Visio content ecosystem.

  • Visio Online Plan 2

    Turn complex ideas into simple diagrams

    Bring diagrams to life with data overlay, icons, colors, and graphics to make the data easier to visualize, including one-step Excel data visualization.1

  • Visio Online Plan 2

    Import DWG files

    Add data or smart shapes to imported AutoCAD designs (support up to DWG 2013), and simplify or enhance advanced visualizations with ease.

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    Anywhere access

    Access diagrams and processes on the go, from anywhere, in a browser or iPad app.

  • Visio Online Plan 2

    Custom programmability

    Tap into robust application architecture and create custom functionality with a readily available SDK.

  • Visio Online Plan 2

    Get real-world perspectives

    Integrate data-linked diagrams into a Power BI dashboard to gain more business insights.1

  • Visio Online Plan 2

    Supports industry standards

    Visio templates support Unified Modeling Language (UML) 2.5, Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) 2.0, and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

  • Connect and collaborate

    Easy collaboration

    Complete diagrams faster with multiple people working on the same diagram at the same time. Share your work as a web-based link, attachment, PowerPoint, image, or PDF.1

  • Visio Online Plan 2

    OneDrive for Business storage

    Store and share your creations securely with the included 2GB of free OneDrive cloud storage.

  • Visio Online Plan 2

    24/7 support

    Keep your organization running smoothly with 24/7 support from Microsoft.

Learn More – See Visio Help Center

1 Power BI, Teams, Excel and PowerPoint available separately