Intelligent telecommunications

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Microsoft empowers telecommunications organisations to achieve more

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An open, standards-based network automation and service orchestration platform

SES benefits from a highly agile and scalable infrastructure, enabling it to accelerate time-to-market for managed virtual network services, as well as save costs associated with running a solution in its own datacentre.

Enabling digital transformation of B2B sales

du empowered account managers to reach new clients and strengthen existing relationships through personalised customer engagement and a unified selling experience.

Connected Things Hub simplifies customers’ IoT deployments

Deutsche Telekom enables customers to develop and deploy IoT efforts swiftly and at scale.

Builds a digital assistant to engage customers on new level

As Aura integrated into the lives of Telefónica customers and earned their trust, it increased customer confidence and generated new business opportunities.

Truck-based teamwork

CenturyLink field technicians use Microsoft Teams to deliver faster customer service.

Telstra citizen developers automate processes with Power Apps

Telstra citizen developers automate processes with Power Apps in Microsoft Teams, giving millions of minutes back to the business.

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