Microsoft Education Transformation Framework for Higher Education

Practical advice to help develop a holistic digital transformation strategy, based on your vision and desired outcomes.

Enterprise leader

A leader in Enterprise technology and Digital Transformation, and key contributor to Research Communities worldwide.

Industry expertise

Tremendous wealth of Education industry knowledge, experience and expertise within Microsoft Employee and Partner ecosystem.

Global perspective

Decades worth of working with Higher Education customers on digital transformation, learning from mistakes and successes of countries globally.

Student success & lifecycle management

Optimize the educational experience for the long term, underscored by an honest and thorough assessment of institutional performance and student outcomes.


Teaching & learning

Emphasize future-ready skills to help students thrive in jobs not yet invented. Create personalized learning paths to help students reach their full potential.



Embrace cloud computing and empower research communities to accelerate breakthroughs, letting ‘researchers be researchers’ and achieve their best work.


Connected campus

Support fluid, collaborative and personalized learning environments, while becoming more sustainable, efficient and secure.


How to get started

Build a vision and roadmap for your transformed environment

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